June 4th, 2007


The story of my life

photog42 on the writing process:

I enjoy writing myself, and reading her recent entry inspired me to:

  • Stare at the screen.
  • Read through some of my past pieces that I still actually like.
  • Stare at the screen some more.
  • Browse through Google.
  • More staring.
  • Calculate Pi to the one millionth digit.*
  • -glazed gaze-
  • Decide that maybe I should just wait until later in the week when the next steroid infusion has a chance of... something... something.

*Not really.

Context is quite flattering, but still funny.

I so want those pancakes now.

I had strawberry chai pancakes for breakfast, at a place called "Hugo's." They were delicious. The place had an entire page of the menu dedicated to tea. The descriptions were little paeans to the drink. I went for something called Yunnan Black (Bold, smokey, with hints of tobacco, cherry, and leather. Did not actually taste like an armchair. Pleasantly surprised.)

Context is ursulav making me drool.

GAY101-01: Intro to Faaaabulous

lannamichaels produces an open letter in queer_rage.

Dear World:

When we decide to be gay, we have to take special classes that teach us how to talk, how to walk, and how to destroy the moral fabric of society. If you fail them, you have to go back to being straight. However, these classes are only offered once a decade, on top of a very high peak on an island somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. And the ferry to it was discontinued sometime in the 1700s.

Until it's reestablished, we all have notes from the main office to do whatever we want, however we want, and still be gay.


context is cross-listed right by "Underwater Basket Weaving" in the course catalogue.