June 2nd, 2007

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fortuna_juvat provides a new outlook on convenience foods:

European hazelnut mousse, carefully blended from a store of 50 fresh Hazelnuts, and then augmented with very finely milled cocoa powder and creamed with fresh milk, served on lightly baked discs of a fragrant butter and sugar blend, delicately flavoured with heady tahitian vanilla.

Also known as "I sat on my couch and dunked nilla wafers in nutella".

Context is putting Innocent Smoothie ingredient lists to shame.
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  • akamoe

Death's sweaty what??!?

Unless you change your formula, name the chips "Pickle." I'm sure it will go over just as well as they will once most people try the chips anyway, it's just this way they won't get an unpleasant surprise. "Hey! Burger flavored chips! OH FUCK THESE TASTE LIKE DEATH'S SWEATY BALLSACK!!!" Instead of "All-American classic" scribbled on the experimental bag's production notes, it should read, "Hint: Tastes like feet." -- blozor on Doritos X-13D Chips..
Scarf Ninja

In Soviet... New Zealand?

micheinnz has a charming daughter. This just proves if you start them young, your children can be just as geeky as you. Ain't it grand?

On the TV news they just had an article about how New Zealand houses tend to be poorly insulated, and therefore cold in winter. The comparison was made between insulation in houses here, and that in properly cold places, such as Sweden, Norway and Russia.

Which prompted the comment from Agent Weasel: "In Soviet Russia, house insulate YOU!"

I love my daughter.

And so do we. Context is cold. Give her a blanket.