June 1st, 2007

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oh, theater humor

My sister and fellow techie, commenting in a flocked post in my journal:

[They] will call and ask you to come stage manage for their age 60+ production of Les Mis. Young Cosette will be 60, and Javert's suicide will consist of him falling over and deciding not to use his special bracelet to call for help.

Context is singing the song of angry octogenarians. QWP.
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perosha has an interesting conversation with her mom:

MOM: *picks up trash can, notices sticker that says "I ♥ Ron" by it* Are you throwing that away?

ME: No, it's for Andrea.

MOM: *looking at sticker* Ron who?

ME: Ron Weasley.

MOM: Oh. *turns away, disinterested* I knew Ron Wheezy. He was a friend of your dad's.

Context thinks it knows Ron Wheezy.
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mrsveteran sends her father off on a cruise:

In order for me to be able to make sure that Dad was up at four AM, it meant that I would have to get up at quarter-to-four so that I could stumble down the stairs, blearily let the dog out, put a pot of coffee on, wait for it to finish, and then drink enough of it so that I would be able to say something coherent like, "Hey, Dad, time to get up" instead of (as would be the case pre-coffee at four AM) something like, "Bluh GAH in feister RUNAMUCKIN ... huh?"
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stewardess figures out what to do from Strikeout 2007

In a move that surprised no one, Six Apart/LiveJournal announced earlier today that CEO Barak Berkowitz is leaving the company, effective immediately. A nine-year-old girl from Daly City, California, has replaced him.

The girl, identified only as Molly because of her age, was selected by the LJ Abuse Team.

"It was somewhere after the sixteenth Red Bull," said an abuse team member, who preferred to remain anonymous. "I'm not really sure, because I haven't slept for three days."

Experts said it was the logical conclusion to Berkowitz's recent plea, "Think of the children!"

Context has unknown Terms of Service.
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mylaptopisevil, here.

i'm too busy protesting LiveJournal by making a LiveJournal community on LiveJournal, then using my LiveJournal to talk about LiveJournal and encouraging others to also discuss things on my LiveJournal and my LiveJournal community.

Best Laid Plans.

indigoskynet's bosses made a little miscalculation about shirts.

The supervisor corps only just this morning realized that people would wear them to work since they received them at work. The supervisor corps also, apparently, just this morning realized that there are alternate meanings to

wanker: idiot or jerk
bollocks: foolishness

So for the first half hour of work, I watched them try to get people to throw jackets on over their WANKER and BOLLOCKS shirts.

And by lunchtime I'd forgotten about it because only two people on my team of nestlings had the shirts on.

But then I had to pop my head in for graduation of the next class about to become nestlings, and half the room was wearing them.

And they were dancing and singing.

And my brain snapped.

Ack, it's a snog! A snog! Oh, no, it's a snog!

Context is friendslocked but QWP.