May 30th, 2007



ironychan weighs in on the porn thing.

Take my squick, take my chan
Take me where my comm's been banned
I don't care
I'm still free
You can't take my porn from me
Take away the boys who kissed
Big brother's on my interests list
Burn the kinks
By high decree
You can't take my porn from me

Ain't no place for slash to be
Livejournal's so bourgeoisie

You can't take my porn from me

Context should never have been canceled by Fox.
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I figure kittydesade has a pretty good idea...

We need to find the offices. Of either Six Apart or that Warriors for Innocence, whichever you feel most culpable in this clusterfuck of persecution, this broadside of weapons fire about as accurate as an Imperial Stormtrooper.

Get your pirate costume, which must include two of the following
a) A bottle of rum
b) really bad eggs
c) A big hat
d) a monkey
e) chains
f) pieces of eight
g) a compass
e) a bandanna and pirate shirt

And go and stand outside in protest with a candle in a skull (or just a candle) and sing that damn song.

Seriously, people. Trust me, I come from a city where we had a protest a week. Don't block them coming or leaving, don't physically harass or threaten them. Just stand there and sing.

a pirate's life for context