May 26th, 2007

cosmo_mouse // hugh

Bloody one-upmanship!

woekitten gets a giggle out of how far people will go:

Freebird Freebirths.

I'm cool with women trying for more natural options. Hospitals aroundhere are opting for more home-like birthing suites and midwives, which lowers stress and makes things easier for mother and baby. Having spent enough time in operating rooms, I don't want to associate "birth" with "something's wrong with you, and now we're gonna cut you open."

But this article gives me the feeling we're just trying to out-do one another in the eyes of Mother Nature. It's one thing to cut out the doctor and the midwife, n00b, but you're not truly one with the Earth until you've transcended the man-glorified vagina and given birth through your nose.

Seriously, labour-centric pissing contests are the best.

"I gave birth to Sally in a hospital, with a doctor and two nurses nearby, and they gave me an epidural."

"Oh,but hosptials are such a harsh, un-natural environment. I gave birth to Chastity at home, with a midwife and no pain medication."

"Heavens! You gave birth on man-made cotton sheets? All those frightening chemicals! I gave birth to little Raven Goldenfox in the middle of the Pacific ocean, and a dolphin was my gynechologist. That's the way women used to do it, you know, before money-hungry male doctors took over the medical industry."

Epilogue: A McDonalds nametag that says "Raven Goldenfox" is still a McDonalds nametag.

Context derives amusement from other people's stupidity.