May 25th, 2007

Chainsaw of natural selection.

10 Things...

yma2 has been watching the dubbed version of Gundamn Wing, and has had an epiphany. A couple of epiphanies, in fact.

10 Things I learned from Watching Gundam Wing...

1: In Out of Space, 'kind hearted young man,' means 'Murderous, driven psychotic super soldier.'

2: Just because the self destruct button is big, and red, and shiny does not mean you need to push it on a regular basis.

3: Hiro can survive anything.

4: The average gundam soldier has about as much survival drive as a temanally depressed lemming.

5: The road to complete pacerfism is frought with wars. Many, many wars. This is because all pacifists are secretly war-mongers.

6: It is, in fact, possible to build a deeply spiritual and reciprical romance on the drive to kill the other person. Also, repeated mentions of their name for no apparent reason will strenghten this bond.

7: Taize Cutranada, whilst very sexy, makes very little sense. Don't let this worry you. Just pat him on the head and drown yourself in his sexy monologs.

8: In a gundam suit sanity is optional.

9: Mad scientists should never be trusted. By anybody. Ever.

10: When I first heard of Gundam I thought that Quatra was a girl. I was not, in fact, wrong.
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leiacat goes all shakespearian when encouraged to speech

And so, not terribly polishedly, but quite off the top of my head:

To speech or not to speech, that is the question
Whether tis nobler in the mind to babble
The verbs and nouns of outrageous verbiage,
Or to stay mum against a sea of babbles
And by opposing end them? To rant; to speak
No more, and by a speech to say we end the silence
And the thousand natural gaps that chats are heir to,
'Tis a consummation devoutly to be wish'd.
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[a quote from a wonderful rant bykiji_kat on designer vaginas:]

"And again, if my lack of gut-wrenching anxiety about what I look like there means I'm less of a woman, then cut my hair and call me Ziggy, because guess what? I have shit to do. I don't have time to dedicate to this moronathon. I'm busy."
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Our Internets, which art in Tubes,
Pornography be thy Name.
Thy users come.
Thy haxxing is done,
in AIM as it is in MSN.
Give us this day our daily download.
And forgive us our pirated new releases,
As we forgive them that embed popups on us.
And lead us not into temptation;
But deliver us from camgirl wishlists.
For thine is th3 leet, Teh hawt and t3h whoring,
For ever and ever. Google. *

* I may or may not have been drinking when I wrote this.

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darkpattern figures out how Anna Nicole must have impressed J. Howard Marshall:
Somewhere in the world, there is a stripper that can pick your pocket with her labia.
Context keeps his face away from suctioning labias.
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