May 23rd, 2007

It Starts Here And Now

kittiekattie has some words regarding the TSA.

And I'm looking at some of the things they suggest you don't wear to go through security. Belt buckles? Okay, Texans like big ass buckles. Metal hair barrettes or other hair decoration? Yeah, um, so I can use a scrunchie.

And then they say underwire bras.

...the fuck you say.

UNDERWIRE BRAS? Yeah, I'm sure I could do that, if, you know, I didn't have The Rack That Ate Mini Addy and all. You know exactly how many bras I have with no underwires? Three. And they're broken and used to have underwires and if I wear them, I might as wear two damp paper towels on my tits for all the support I get. On a good day, I am a 38DD here. On a bad day, I just don't go bra shopping because all the cute shit that's cheap is no bigger than a C, and the last time I wore a C that fit was MIDDLE SCHOOL. And that was about a year I did that before the Ds started rolling. I'm the kid who got called Blackboard in fifth grade cause I had no breasts to speak of, and came back in sixth with Bs bordering on Cs and made all the girls who all happy in their 32As go "hmph, tramp." I don't wear bras, I wear breast-shaped suspension bridges. Sometimes I wonder if there's more metal under my boobs than in the 520 Bridge. The last time I actualy got patted down at the airport was for my BRA. So, you know, I'm just going to wear my shit same as always and if they beep me they can see the blue one.


Mork? Is that you?

ironychan has a close encounter of the odd kind

Today I was showing a guy some heart-shaped pendants. He took an interest in one and asked how many stones were in it. I said there were three in the pendant and three in the bale.

HIM: "The what?"
ME: "The bale. That's the bit that the pendant hangs off the chain by."
HIM: "Is that what that's called! How do you spell it?"
ME: "Uh... I'm pretty sure it's B-A-L-E... like Christian Bale."
HIM: "What's a Christian Bale?"
ME: "A person. He's an actor. He plays Batman."
HIM: "Who's Batman?"


ME: "Did you know you can get a lifetime warranty on this pendant?"

Context says Nanu, Nanu
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now you see it...

kyra_ojosverdes has an interesting driving experience:

Driving down the main stretch (read: highway) of a town while the power flashes off and on eight times or so: very disorienting. Sorta like a modern Brigadoon on massive fast-forward. "In a town!" "Middle of pitch-black nowhere!" "Town reappeared, whoa!" "Pitch black nothing but road!" "Whoa, bright lit-up town!" "All gone!"

QWP, Context has rave lighting.
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sociology at its finest...

ancilla100 in male_dom explores the social benefit of trolls:

Dear OP

I would like to thank you for providing invaluable information for a research paper 'm writing "Internet Trolls - Do they serve any Purpose or are they just all Ignorant Fucktards? : A Preliminary Finding". I believe that you have proved the following points.

1, Ignorant fucktardness is definitely apparent in this case, conforming to the general trend.
2, Benefits:
- The community that has been "trolled", then proceeds to band together in an amazingly short amount of time
- The people in the community back one another up
- They find new ways to make each other laugh
- They re-affirm their beliefs together in their rebuttal of the troll
- The proceed to forge links that were not there before
- It allows people in a community to improve their comedy, satirical and general skills in the areas of sarcasm, snarking etc.

Thank you once again for providing such valuable information. I may have to call upon you again for a future paper I intend to write entitled "Internet Trolls - Can they really not spell or do they actually think that their abysmal spelling and grammar make their troll posts amusing?". I reckon you'll be perfect for that one.

QWP, from the comments of a truly wacked out post, Context wants a federal grant for the study.
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The life of a Canadian military wife...

[info]wundermommy recounts a tale from her day:

So there were troops out and about doing some training in a nearby field. Camoflage training by the looks of it. And quick tip to those guys: When you are "hiding" and a couple of five year old boys start yelling "I CAN SEEEEE YOU IN THE GRASSSSSSS!" it means you are doing it WRONG.

Public post, here.
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