May 22nd, 2007

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dragovianknight on the idea that guys might be hardwired to like superhero comics:
Dude, the only time my gender interferes with my ability to read comics is when I'm lying on my back and the mountain of my tits blocks part of the page. Solution: prop book on tits.
Context cannot marry Steve Trevor until the forces of idiocy and sexism are forever defeated.
deelieboppers sharpened

melaniesuzanne educates us about little known bits of technological history

Some friends were discussing a group who had advertised themselves as wearing authentic medieval clothing but were actually in crushed velvet outfits which could sort of pass for early fifteenth century if you squinted. And didn't notice the zippers. I piped up with "Actually, it's a little known fact that zippers began to appear in dresses at the beginning of the 1400s."

My friends looked at me quizzically.

"Oh yes," I continued. "It's a common feature on the backs of memorial brasses. When you flip them over, there's a zipper as clear as day. The reason that most people don't know about this is because it's so hard to get permission from the churches to pry those brasses off the floors."

My apprentice sister smirked and said, "And they gave you a Pearl*???"

"For music," I said with a smile.
Context here; a pearl is a high level arts and sciences award in the SCA.

On sewing.

uncut_diamond (when DON'T I metaquote him?):

I need to upgrade myself to "blind ass fool" sized needles and "rigid like a porno star's penis" thread if I ever want to spend less than an episode of Family Guy threading a needle.

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