May 21st, 2007

Animals// Philippine Eagle - startled

Unmentionables and parents.

Over at tmi_chix, fortuna_juvat seems to have lost something...

My cat actually stole my vibe about a month ago, so I actually had to say to my mom "Hey, um - you might find a vibrator somewhere. Zot took it and I have no idea where it is."

Bugger left it under the dresser, which we moved together.

The first thing she said was "At least your Dad didn't find it."

Context is explaining to her cat that it's not a retriever. QWP
agent may is unimpressed

Some equality, anyone?

For some reason this makes me think a little of the thought that popped into my head the other day while I was at work about the way people reacted to heliocentrism in regards to Galileo and the church in comparison to the way some fundamentalists froth at the mouth over evolution now. Dude, I don't even know where that thought came from. That sucker's just WAAAY too complicated and college-edition to emerge from the brain of someone packaging nine thousand Michael Buble albums.

--apocalypsos reacts to Joss Whedon being totally awesome.
CSI - you and me

mom_almighty on Mitt Romney:

"I must admit I can't imagine anything more awful than polygamy."
-Mitt Romney, as printed in TIME Magazine

[...] Seriously? Off the top of my head, I can name like fifty things worse than polygamy. How about war? Famine. Genocide. Disease. The second Matrix movie. People who pronounce it "liberry". Inadequately-pixellated photos of Britney Spears's vajayjay.

Context can't complain if it doesn't vote. QWP, natch.
Tiny dancing

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During a discussion of Lysol and vagina, much funny happened. Here's some...

futuristicplans: The type of man who appreciates a good wood-scented vagina is few and far between. Once plentiful... the Man's Man is now quite rare.
He's the man who enjoys a nice, fat cigar and scotch, neat after work. Preferably in his slippers. He owns a smoking jacket, but never wears it outside of his dark wood-panelled study. He grills steaks on the weekends, but never unbuttons the collar of his pressed oxford shirt. He doesn't know what a "green salad" is, but the entire neighborhood knows of his ability to pack away those potatoes.

He loves his wife, and her pot roast. And he loves his car.

Alas, Summer's Eve, Zima, and the Toyota Prius have driven the Man's Man to near extinction. You can still find them in small pockets... usually at Lodge meetings and hotel lounges.

It's sad, really. :(

mightyhunter: I would think the scotch and cigar would ruin his slippers, honestly.

Earlier that same day:
gillen:Some girls take the pledge to keep themselves pure until marriage, and some take the Pledge, to keep themselves pure even after marriage.

Keep your stinkhole squeaky clean. Pledge (now in Lemon-Fresh)

tipholic666 has lost her mind.

Honestly, I've lost my mind, I think.
I was just looking at my Buddy List and hovered over somebody's name and it said this: "Service: Unconfirmed Internet User" I mean really, how is someone an unconfirmed internet user? I would think to be on the internet, one would have to be confirmed. But I am often wrong. 

Context is unconfirmed. QWP.