May 19th, 2007


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justin_case educates us on technology in this locked post about console modding for self-pleasure:

Every great technological innovation has been sexually motivated. The lightbulb? Edison wanted to be able to find his way around late at night (if you know what I mean ~_^). Cars? Guys wanted to be able to go home and avoid the whole snuggling thing afterwards. The atomic bomb? Japan wasn't sharing its porn.

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33mhz says:

One of my favorite LJ interests is classical and practical sodomy.

It's a phrase that I originally saw on this silly theological webpage where the author defines 2 uses of the word sodomy: sex between people of the same gender is "classical sodomy" and sexual acts that don't fall within this category but are wrong for the same reason because there is no chance of pregnancy is "practical sodomy." He also briefly mentions a third type, "failed sodomy," but doesn't go into much detail. I'm assuming that this is simply sodomy that was too impractical.

Anyway, I love the phrase "Classical and Practical Sodomy" because it sounds like it could be the title of a sex manual written by a mechanical engineer. (Perhaps to be followed by "Managing Steel Erections: Theory and Practice.")