May 17th, 2007

deelieboppers sharpened

Ksatyr the Pastafarian has another conversation with the Corner Office Guy

As he walks by my office and sees me wearing my pirate bandanna, he stops to chat.

CoG: "So, are you keeping all the ships in line?"
Me: "In line...? No, pillage and then Sink. If you sink the ships, you decrease global warming!"
CoG: "Not those kinds of ships, the ones with the sails that use wind, how does sinking them decrease global warming?"
Me: "Those ships slow the wind down. Wind causes global cooling, just like if you blow on your coffee, if you slow the wind down, the planet warms up."
Me: "Just like having daylight savings start earlier caused increased warming - those extra few weeks of more daylight per year causes additional atmospheric heating, didn't you notice how hot those few weeks were?"
CoG: "You, sir, are a sick, sick puppy."

And that's the whole [locked] post.

An earlier post on the subject is not locked and gives further context, and also rather amusing.