May 16th, 2007

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Upon reading a notice that Fred Phelps plans to picket Jerry Falwell's funeral, someone wondered "I wonder who will picket Phelps funeral?"

heatermcca responded:
"Rightfully, it'd be the many, many familes he's mocked and terrorized. And a whoooooooollllle troop of mannequin-using, high-heel wearing drag queens.

In a kickline."

QWP from this post (public, but permission was given anyway).

(no subject)

butterflyangels on the finer aspects of dealing licqour:

"So, I had two guys trying to buy alcohol, no big deal.

I asked for their IDs. One handed it to me, the other didn't have it.

Now, unless both have it, I can't sell it. I apologized, and told them this. They were polite, they understood. You know what the ID-less guy said?

"Yeah, I don't have my ID because I got out of jail today."

Context did not pass GO