May 15th, 2007


punslingerr loves him some Star Wars

I searched the magazine section to find Toyfare magazine, as I love flipping through there for the dialogue bubbles they've added to the toy images. Also, I had seen the magazine a couple days earlier, and wanted to show sweetwildandmad a toy I had seen in it.

The Star Wars Galactic Heroes Princess Leia and Han Solo. With Leia in her Boushh outfit, and Han Solo in Carbonite!

I have a certain affinity for the HS in Carbonite figures. See, back in 1983ish, when the first Han Solo in Carbonite figure came out, I wanted it. But I could never freakin' find the thing.

There was just something oddly cool about it, and yes, I'm aware that this means the childhood toy which I wanted but never possessed was basically a brick.

Context could break your window wrapped in a threatening note from Jabba.

None of the other ones were raised by moonshiners...

"Who's going to help America find its moral center now that there's no longer a lying, crooked, blackmailing, anti-intellectual, censorious, fake-doctorate-holding, libelous, gay-bashing, tax-cheating, fraudulent, debt-ridden, doomsaying, anti-Semitic, self-aggrandizing, racist, theocratic son of a bootlegger to do it for us?"

--Ludickid on the death of Jerry Falwell. Context? You're looking at it.
That was my second record!

I Want Din Dins: Foods Even Your Dog Will Love

armyofchuckness has been so kind as to give the LJ world a sample of the cookbook that he believes he should write.

As an example of the fine cuisine you'd find in my book, I'll give you last night's feast.

"Egg Drop Kick Ramen Noodles"

1. Start with one pack of beef flavored ramen noodles. Crunch that sucker up in the packet and dump it straight into the bowl. Forget all that boil water first crap. It's crap. Fill the bowl to taste with tap water. Add milk as desired. Measuring cups are for people with no sense of adventure.

2. Add an egg. Minimize shell inclusion. Those unexpected crunches can ruin the ambiance. Tear up several pieces of lunch meat and mix them in. For this meal I used two sliced of smoked turkey and a slice of turkey ham.

3. Mix like you have two turntables and a microphone.

The rest of the recipe is found here, along with possible titles ("1. Bachelor Chow: Giving Lonely Nights Flavor!") and his recipe for "I Eats Me Spinach Salad." QWP.
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kjpepper shares a heavenly IM conversation:

St. Peter sees Jerry Falwell approaching the pearly gates and IMs Jesus

P34lyG4t3Pete: ROFLAMAO you're never guess who I've got approaching right now
S4v10rpwns: OMG who???
P34lyG4t3Pete: Jerry Falwell.
S4v10rpwns: ZOMG *crucified *
S4v10rpwns: I gotta wake up Dad 4 this, brb

[G0DFTW has entered the chat]

P34lyG4t3Pete: I have Jerry Falwell approaching the pearly gates, sir.
P34lyG4t3Pete: Do you want me to handle this or should I send him to you?
S4v10rpwns: Is to be bitchslapping time nau, plz?
P34lyG4t3Pete: omg srsly.
P34lyG4t3Pete: he's here and demanding entry into heaven.
P34lyG4t35ftw: YA RLY.
S4v10rpwns: LOL cry more emo kid

QWP from a locked post here.
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my hobby is posting to metaquotes...

unimag comments on hobbies that aren't really hobbies:

This isn't a hobby. Hobbies are things you do because you enjoy them, and nobody enjoys exercising. Oh, plenty of people claim to enjoy it - but they're lying.

It's not fun. It's something you do because you have to, not because you want to - and don't start insisting otherwise, because I couldn't give a fuck how well you've convinced yourself that you like it; we all know that you're really doing it because you like eating pies.

It's like wiping your arse - that's not a hobby either, but it's something I do at least once a day. That'd be out of a desire not to smell of shit, rather than for the sheer joy of arse-wiping.

It's a fucking chore, people. Just admit it.


To be fair, this is a decent hobby for the elderly, the infirm or the criminally insane. It isn't, however, the sort of thing young adults should be doing. It's dull as fuck.

It's not trendy. No matter where you meet up to do your knitting (and doing in a pub is fucking ridiculous, you should sit at home and do it where no-one can see your shame), it's not cool. It's something old women do because they can't move their legs any more.

What's your next hip & cool hobby? Getting a catheter?


(and from the comments, re: pottery classes):

They're just something people (read : middle-aged women) sign up for expecting to recreate that fucking scene from Ghost, but then they find out that clay isn't at all sexy and they end up bringing home a series of glazed turds instead of anything even remotely useful.

QWP, Context prefers torturing small animals - takes talent *and* skill!
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sasha_davidovna learns something new every day:

I was trying to remember whether it was Falwell or Dobson who refused to be alone with any woman not his wife so he wouldn't be "tempted." We never did decide, but Mom made some sneering comment about how ludicrous it was to think merely being alone with a woman would be a temptation. Whereupon the boys did this:

Jama: ~sudden coughing fit~
Doug: ~fidgets and looks away~
Mom and I: o_O

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In my LJ windypoint gives this review of R.E.M.'s "Everybody Hurts"

I find it... irritating and whiny, not what I want to listen to, whether I am feeling cheerful or depressed. Although it might help stave off suicide if I stopped for a moment to think that I wanted to stay alive on the off chance I might one day get to punch the person who wrote it.

Context would make an interesting record reviewer, or suicide hotline counsellor
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