May 14th, 2007


bribitribbit's father's new car has an autostart feature:

Anyway, so we're sitting there, waiting for the check, and we see this guy near my dad's car. So my dad does autostart and the guy, like, literally jumps. And then my dad turns it off again. And the guy, like, looks around, trying to figure out how the hell a car has just turned on by itself. So, like, he shrugs it off, and begins to walk past again. And then my dad starts it again, and turns it off.

The guy apparently thinks he is god. He looks around furtively to make sure no one is around, and then he taps the car the same way you might tap a sleeping dragon. And then he dances. lasdjdsf. So my dad turns it on again and turns it back off and man, this guy's life has apparently been made complete.

So the guy stands there for a bit, and this other guy, who I'm assuming is his father, comes out. And the guy is explaining how "Guess what, Dad, I am God," and Dad is just like, "Er, okay, son, just don't tell your mother, it'll worry her." The guy gestures towards the car and Dad just like, stares at him, all Son-You-Have-Disappointed-Me like. He dances AGAIN and my dad doesn't turn on autostart and the guy is all disappointed.

And, man. It was the most hilarious thing I have ever witnessed. jkdasjfd.

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Eurovision Review

"One hopes that the former Soviet satellites will get to grips with the novelty of democracy in time, but this isn't going to be the year."

"The Belgian act sang a retro disco number with exactly Sanjaya's incomprehending grin, weak voice and glossy bouffant. His song ended in a sudden scream, and I think it may have been mine."

"Pleasingly, Spain's entry is a boyband, which always cheers me up.Their shadowy svengali has made a careful selection from the Usborne Book of Boybands, picking a slightly arty looking one with a little VanDyke for the sensitive girls, a chirpy boyish one from a 70s Children's Film Foundation movie for the wet girls, a blond one made from Fagolite, the special synthetic material used to make all gay clones, for the confused boys, and a rugged thuggish one who clearly wanted to be a footballer but has decided to settle for this - and he's obviously there for me."
eddie! (by vayshedruvon)

arielography watches the TV screens on public transportation . . .

They also have ambulance chaser ads.....

"Have you had open heart surgery recently?......"
"And within the month, suffered from....."
"Heart attack..."
"Brain Damage..."
"If so, you could be entitled to money damages!!!!"

"Yes, I saw your ad on the bus about the tarymasol thing"
"Oh, were you affected?"
"Yeah, I had open heart surgery, and within a month, I suffered a case of death. I want money damages"
"I'm sorry, what?"

Context is random, but amusing.
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