May 13th, 2007


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matthewwolff learns that three of the Republican candidates don't accept evolution (QWP):

To me, it is very telling that these candidates campaigns didn't immediately implode due to them admitting that they were frighteningly crazy people on national television. And it begs the question, what exactly is wrong with America? Have we all collectively fallen, and hit our heads on something very, very hard?
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In thequestionclub, snarkophagus has perfectly reasonable fears:

Would you knowingly ingest bovine hormone pills if they came with a "one full cup size" guarantee?

I ask because I used to have to sell something like this over the phone, and people clamored for it, but it kind of disturbs me.  I mean, what if you wound up with mad cow tits or something?

Context doesn't want to have a cow, man.
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are you sure we can't call them borderline until they're 18?

sorchawench discusses the hellspawn you find in a children's mental health inpatient unit:

Float nurses are always a bit of a pain. They see a bunch of angel faced little imps. They have no idea how bad they can be. Sure, they have issues, but don't we all. You tend to feel less sympathetic and warm when one is chewing on your ankle.

QWP, Context thinks you need the padded room.
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rainbow_goddess went to the grocery store.

I picked up some oranges from a display that one of the Safeway staff was setting up, which made the nice, symmetrical display distinctly unsymmetrical. I apologized to the lady, saying, "I'm messing up your display, sorry." She smiled and said that it was quite all right.

I suddenly found myself thinking, "I should have said, 'I'm in ur store, messin' up ur displays!'"

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