May 11th, 2007

Knitting Love

Oh, admit it. You do it too.

bluemuse1 talks about why we really all spend so much time on Wikipedia:

This is why I love Wikipedia: the entry for the Major-General's song from Pirates of Penzance, which contains the lyrics from that song (such as "I know the kings of England and I quote the fights historical"), links "fights historical" to an article on the fifteen decisive battles of the world. ^^

I think the term for meandering around the different links on Wikipedia for hours on end should be called Wikihopping. And in the unlikely event you end up in the same place you started, it is... circumwikivating. Circum-Wiki-vating. Yes. Haha, how cool would it be if Wikihopping caught on? I may finally fulfill my secret dream of starting my very own Internet-speak term! :D
(I've just spent the last 10 minutes reading the entry on umbrellas. Wow, I have too much time on my hands.)

Context thinks that "wikihopping" is damn cool term. QWP
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tact is for people who don't do sarcasm

Far too many people have attended this conference...

marjory has apparently caught wind of how these things work...

Troll By Troll West

Annual Vocational Conference of Trolls!

In today's fast-moving and ever-evolving world of the information superhighway it is all too easy to be over-looked. By signing up for our workshops and conferences, you too can find your niche. All you have to do is to send us $$$ and want to live the dream.

Conference Program

08:30 Meet and greet session for the delegates. Complimentary Jolt Cola and Red Bull cocktails as well as a selection of high-sodium snacks shall be provided.

09:00 An Introduction to Trolling

Can anyone troll? Yes! But it takes a very special kind of person to troll effectively, to really get under the skin and to reach the hearts, souls and minds of the intarwebbing public. Internationally-renowned veteran and Über-Troll teh_bollox shall give a presentation detailing just why and how you might wish to do so as well as giving an overview of the rest of the day's proceedings.

Read the rest, because it is far funnier than any tagline I could come up with.
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