May 10th, 2007


They Laughed at me When I Became a Mad Apiologist! Laughed! Hahahaha!!

ellie_l, on bees' (QWP) Colony Collapse Disorder:

The most likely cause is a bacteria, because they found that if they irradiate bees and have control bees, that the control bees will die but the irradiated ones don't, leading to the thought that they're infected with something that's killed by radiation.
So obviously, the solution is mutant radioactive bees.
pm [m] >> the forest cries out

When all else fails... Punch it.

catystorm engages in the all-purpose method of fixing that which is broken...

Also. Also! I fix fans with alchemy. And punching. Lots of punching. My hand is kinda tingly now. Did we mention punching a small metal fan to make it work is generally of the not wise persuasion? Just in case your common sense was broken. Mine is not, surprisingly, it is just overruled by the whole "you're not gonna let it win are you?" voice. Punching = no worky. Clapping hands and then smacking = worky.

That was only moderately terrifying.

Context could really use a State Alchemist about now. (Not f-locked, but QWP anyway)

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It's hard to master anatomy when you've never met a woman

devildoll has a post about a new figurine of Mary Jane from Spiderman that's so hideously sexist even fanboys are taken aback. The comments that follow are mostly "Ugh!" but there are some witty expressions of outrage:
gypsyjr: ...God, she looks like she'd snap in half if she bent over any further.

devildoll: I want to know where her intestines are hiding...maybe in her boobs?
There's no need to fear!

Faster than a speeding boyfriend!

ladysprite has some advice for the girlfriends of superheroes:

4) Wear underpants at all times.
Even if you do take the recommended martial arts classes, eventually you will find yourself dangling over the heart of Megalopolis City in a miniskirt at rush hour. It's in the contract. And whether you'll enjoy it or not, it's generally poor form to impose that kind of familiarity on a crowd without their prior consent.

Context's Spidey-sense is tingling. QWP