May 4th, 2007

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3 BR, 2 Bath, Ocean View, Unnatural Architecture a Must

donwaughesq has a disturbing realization:

throughout the course of the day, I send updated spreadsheets of new and split subdivisions and condos to our searchers in the field, so that they're aware of what's coming at them.

And in the note I attach, I always write, "Please save this over your old one."

Today, for the first time ever, I wonder how many Old Ones have to be reformatted before Great Cthulhu comes and kills us all.

In R'ealty, dread Context lies dreaming.
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Claire-Bear discovers a ditzy NPC look-alike of her character in City of Heroes.

Sorority Rep: Er... Hi!
Claire-Bear: Who are you?
SR: Er... Hi!
C-B: Damn it. Who ARE you?
SR: Alpha Beta is the best sorority on campus...
[C-B Slaps SR]
C-B: Damn it! You're like me but plastic! You are Plastic Claire! With the power to make men sleep with your boring prattle!
SR: Er... Hi!
[C-B Smacks SR]
C-B: Imposter! Image Thief! You are making me look bad!
SR: Er... Hi!
C-B: Stop smiling! You look like you want to unhinge your jaw and eat my head. You aren't gonna eat my fluffy ears, Commander Diana-Lizard of the Visitors Cheerleading Squad! I'm out of here.
Random Hero: Look, twins.
C-B: Blow it out your Utility Belt!

Context is making evil dumb clones of the Justice League as we speak. (Photographic evidence included.)
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Ben Franklin- 1776

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We are watching 1776 in fifth grade; we just started it today. Kids were a bit chatty but also a bit more attentive to this film than others we've shown - perhaps it being a musical makes it more interesting. At one point, tall Thomas Jefferson was leaning over the much shorter John Adams, I think to physically intimidate him, and guess what Tie Girl blurts out?

"Ohmigod, they're gonna kiss!!"

callmecaito has other amusing pseudonyms for the not-so-innocents in her class.
Carpet Ship

She's giving birth to a cellphone.

ezrael does battle with the oblivious and pregnant:

I then notice that the woman on the phone is massively pregnant. Like, seven and a half months pregnant at the very least. Just as I am noticing this, she walks up next to me, swings her purse over her shoulder and hits me in the face with it.

Straight in the kisser, too. This wasn't a glancing blow, this is me taking a purse facial. It was a handbag money shot, so to speak.

Context is aware of its surroundings.