May 3rd, 2007


Geek girl sex?

momily has composed a technical manual for geek girls interested in sexual pursuits.

(3) Vulnerability Management: Penetration Testing. Penetration testing tools go beyond vulnerability scanning. They are generally far more effective than vulnerability scanning results in gaining cooperation for rapid remediation. Security configuration management systems eliminate weaknesses such as weak passwords and unnecessary services.

Quoted with enthused permission. Context is worried about Trojans...
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jaylake on the occasional pitfalls of going live without a net.

Strangely, creating and cultivating a successful blog is a process strongly parallel to creating and cultivating a successful publishing career, save without the often-helpful intervention of editors. At least editors help keep our stupid stuff from seeing print and being archived forever, whereas on a blog, ever damned fool thing that we ever say is preserved for all time, like a retarded fly in amber.

Context is the tail-end of some interesting ruminations.
Witchery-Night Goddess

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QWP and it's an open entry here

So everyday I walk past a homeless shelter on my way to work. This is what happened today:

Guy outside shelter: How you doin'.

Me: Good.

Guy: (half under his breath): You got a big butt.

Me: Yep, and I got big titties too, so I won't fall over backwards.

Guy: *silence*

my first quote, be gentle ♥

mariness reports on accreditation problems for Xavier's School For Gifted Youngsters

2) Financing: As you are doubtless aware, all schools seeking reaccreditation must provide a detailed and audited accounting of their finances, reserves, tuition and capital costs. A "really large trust fund from my grandparents," while fortunate for you personally, does not constitute financial proof of your school's financial footing. Also, we remain concerned about the listing of capital costs for expenditures such as bimonthly roof replacements, a seemingly excessive amount of firefighting equipment, and a stealth missile system. We understand that the recent spate of school shootings has distressed everyone; still, shouldn't a simple security team be sufficient? We must also query about the nature of some items listed under "staff expenses." We are not, for example, entirely certain that your instructors and staff actually need access to their own private plane, especially one equipped with – and we quote from your annual budget – "cool stuff." We are also uncertain as to the nature of the "Shi'ar Empire" you mention as a chief financial backer of your institution. May we suggest more customary investment methods, such as the Cardinal Capital Funds?

Context sends a sternly worded letter with particular emphasis on the issues with the art teacher's curriculum. And roof replacements.

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hotcoffeems 's daughter really knows how to wake up a genteel southern party:

"We had much fun. Food was eaten, drinks were drunk, conversation was had. In fact, while I was engrossed in a perfectly pleasant conversation with someone in S.'s antebellum dining room (just like a real adult, I was), my daughter (who had dressed for the occasion in her frilly white sundress, with little sandals and a gardenia in her hair), comes up and holds out her hands, chortling gleefully. She was offering me two fistfuls of barn owl fewmets."........."Let me make this clear: owl mess is nasty. Really nasty. I will not describe it for those of y'all not familiar; suffice it to say that it is downright Lovecraftian in appearance. Cthulhu's hairballs. No one should ever have the urge to touch it."

context caught a Cthulu hairball while fishing. No, really.
QWP, post is flocked.
eddie! (by vayshedruvon)

idiosyncratic has some grammar lessons for the aspiring fic writer . . .

taut/taunt/taught – Not even in the same family. You have NO idea how much this one annoys me. One is an adjective, one is a verb/noun, and the last is a verb. Learn the difference and love it. Ropes, sheets, skin, and yes, even nipples, can be taut. However, they can not be taunt, because they're inanimate objects (well, except for nipples, but they have a mind of their own and even then they can't be taunt). You can taunt them all you want, but it's not usually considered proper form to make fun of someone's naked body, regardless of their taut nipples. And none of them can ever be taught, because they're all mindless objects and thus don't attend school.

Context is very slash and RPS-centric. You have been warned.
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rAmen by crossbow1

*enter Greek chorus*

Pity me, o my children, for tonight I did watch Snakes on a Plane. Verily, there were motherfucking snakes on the motherfucking plane, and verily was it bad.

Weep for me, o my children, for after the motherfucking snakes, they did show unto me
Manos: The Hands of Fate, and this is more than mere mortals can bear in one evening. For years had I heard tales of the badness of this movie, and lo, they were all true.

And lo, I have had so much rum I can't type straight. Thank you and goodnight.

Verily, context hath suffered a brain implosion.

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