May 1st, 2007

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scinex thinks too much about logic, or the lack thereof:

So I'm doing my math homework (logic). The question I did was "How many integers are there from 1000 through 9999. The equation is simple: 9999 - 1000 + 1.

I was very tempted to write "EXACTLY NINE-THOUSAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND", but I don't think even my nerd math teacher would get that one.
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weslyn is on to something:

I think toes must be like the Bad Day Detectors of the body. Stubbing one of them is a good sign that you should crawl back under the covers and wait it out.

Context's having A Very Bad Day.
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Malcolm Reynolds - Firefly

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darkpattern reveals the truth about global warming:

Scientific studies have proven that Salma Hayek is to blame for the recent temperature spikes. If she weren't so re-goddamn-diculously hot, then it would be a mild 70 degrees nation-wide right now. Seriously, it's in Scientific American this month.

Context is more likely to listen to HER speak than Old Oak Gore.
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careena has some prime real estate.

If I ruled the world, Hugh Laurie would live in my pants. Stephen Fry would live in the little triangular tent under my collar, and they could get together to do sketch comedy. I suggest the dinner table placemat as nice, neutral territory. There is also room for at least one more brilliant performer/writer in that stretchy space where my sportsbra forms the famous sportsbra "uniboob" effect. Recently remodeled, southern exposure, and friendly neighbors (two).

-- QWP, context tempted me to only post the first sentence.
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