April 29th, 2007

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Hazards of Beltaine

thatcaptjim is one of my friends out here in the great Northwest. He writes:
A Beltaine Hazard

Something they don't warn you about in Pagan School.

During Beltaine, your spayed familiar might forget that she's spayed, and go into full 'I'm a slutty slut ho slutty McSlutSlut' mode...with you as the object of her undying affection.

Pity. Her male counterpart apparently doesn't fall for this routine. He's sleeping like a rock. :P

Me? I'm getting 'love nips' and 'patty paws' that are resulting in drawn blood. :P

Tags: beltaine, slutty cat

Freakin'. Awesome.
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Cry 'havoc' and lose the dogs of war

fanficrants ponders common spelling mistakes. runic_binary offers the following:

"Matthew, what have you done with the dogs of war?"

"Er, well...I was walking them, see..."

"You've lost them, haven't you?"

"I didn't mean to!"

"Not again...look, we've still got time before they need to be in whatever small African country it is this week, just get the car keeys and we'll go looking for them."

"Which are the car keys?"

"The ones that keep falling apart."

"Oh right. We ought to get them tightened."


Context is a bit embarrassed