April 26th, 2007


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thebratqueen has been MIA for a little while, and decided to explain why...

So I went all the way back to the beginning and started tagging my little heart out. And, because I am insane and a perfectionist and also insane, I was only going to do this from oldest to newest because God forbid somebody stumble across one of my tags when that tag set was not complete yet. It would create ANARCHY! Dogs and cats would not only be living together but they would be allowing LLAMAS TO RULE THE WORLD!

So clearly I couldn't let that happen. Everyone knows llamas are fascists.

Context is afraid of llamas (entry is public, but QWP anyway)
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jenoofer is worried about violent acts committed by tentacles.

"Which is worse, liking tentacle rape or pondering why it's always tentacle rape and never just tentacle sex?"

I choose 'a'. Too many tentacled beings nowadays think sexual violence towards women is acceptable. There's all these rap songs about tentacles wanting to "smack that" and so on, and young girls thinking they should be making themselves attractive to tentacles. And what about the guys? Surely there are plenty of fellas who'd enjoy a bit of guy-on-tentacle action?

Context is f-locked, QWP.
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cumaeansibyl doesn't like the term "grammar Nazi":

"I mean, the whole grammar = mass murder thing is bad enough, but it's also historically inaccurate -- if you're looking for a model of efficiency and ruthless competence, the Nazis are not actually where you want to start. A Grammar Nazi would be very dedicated to rooting out bad grammar in principle, except he wouldn't know how to use a semicolon properly, and he'd spend most of his time fighting with the other Nazis over the Oxford comma while serial comma abusers ran free in the streets."

Context believes the Oxford comma was only a propagandist conspiracy. QWP.
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Smells like teen spirit

Context smells like: http://gillen.livejournal.com/453494.html
QWP from gillen

So my order from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab (the one I placed on the 6th... ::ahem::) finally arrived. What I ordered billed itself as:

The scent of Irish coffee, dusty tomes and polished oakwood halls.

Wonderful! I was looking forward to comparing it to Chris Brosius' In the Library. Unfortunately, what I received would be more accurately described as:

The scent of cinnamon dolce latte, sticky pastries and Sweet Valley High paperbacks.

I hadn't known that among the ranks of the Deep Ones was one Yog Cinnabonnoth.
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I can't believe you just typed that!

On feminism and comics....

Now th male characters, in spite of being clothed in skintight revealing clothing as well, aren't posing sexually or provocatively.(Shrill whiny feminist gripe #2.) This complaint goes a long way as a proof that human sexuality is completely alien to the average feminist....

Ponder, if you will, the vision of Superman,Batman, Spiderman, Captain America all posing with pursed lips,out thrust hips, coyly looking over their shoulders at you as the wind tossed their curly locks....

The sheer concentration of Anime Gay would probably rupture human eyeballs and send Richard Simmons into the dry heaves.

QWP from rhjunior's LJ.

Context:  RH goes on a rampage about feminists and their disdain for "perfectly proportioned" comic heroes.

*** Edited context for linkage. (oops.. my bad)
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Over at lkh_lashouts, knomey is pondering the true meaning of the term 'Mary Sue'.

Richard: This is a nice nature walk, like the ones we used to take when we were dating and acting less insane.
Anita: I agree.
Richard: So. Why did you want to become a biologist, anyways.
Anita: Oh. Because Laurell wanted to.
Richard: W... uh. Who's Laurell?
Anita: Fuck if I know. DING DING DING. That's the ardeur! Take off your pants.

Context does not think it means what you think it means. QWP.
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