April 25th, 2007


My Desires are as Valid as Yours

tempusfugit78 has a few things to say to you about life, love, relationships, yearning and the like.

And who are you to judge my desires? What a man, a woman, two cats, a giant inflatable dinosaur and three jars of Yuban coffee do in the privacy of their own bedroom is their business. I don't need those leers or trite snickering when I walk past, ok?

F'locked post. QWP and all that jazz.

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Context is late for their EST therapy.

slartibart has something to say about office furniture in fibromyalgia

Back Pain

The person who designed our conference room chairs was a distant relative of the Marquis de Sade, I'm sure of it. The poor mousy-looking middle aged furniture designer probably has no idea why he dreams of torch-lit dungeons and intricate devices of toruture, or why he longingly desires to slap his co-workers for fun. No, his genetic hard-wiring for punishment is buried far deep below his conscious brain, manifesting itself subconsciously only when he works. Specifically when he designs conference room chairs.


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tamnonlinear on writing vs. reality

[An established relationship is] another of those plot devices that hinges upon the characters being unable to have a difficult conversation.

Granted, in real life it is often hard to have difficult conversations, but if I wanted real life, I'd be participating in it.

[Context can't top that for cleverness.]