April 24th, 2007

collins and angel kiss

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el_em_en_oh_pee despairs:

dad: Well, I'm going to fix the heat by Saturday...
me: Saturday? SATURDAY?! Daddy, I'm cold NOW.
dad: well...
me: Now I'll have to go get a blanket! And then I'll be under the blanket, so I'll want to take a nap. And then I'll fall asleep, so I won't finish my homework! And then I'll FAIL, which will mean I won't get into college, and not getting into a college will no doubt mean I won't get a job, so I'll be left working the streets OR WORSE, A BAG LADY! Daddy, if you don't fix the heat RIGHT NOW I'll be a BAG LADY!!! Cold and hungry and freezing all alone on the streets of New York, which means I'll be COLD for the REST OF MY LIFE if you don't fix the heat right now!
dad:... you should stop working on school and be an actor!
mom (coming up the stairs): SHE IS NOT GOING TO QUIT SCHOOL.
me: but then I need some heat!!!

(locked) context needs some heat, stat
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Londonkds on Fandom

You know, I think that the evolution of US public attitudes to homosexuality can be summed up in the changing nature of homoerotic readings of Batman comics:

1950s: "Batman and Robin are clearly engaged in a pederastic relationship, yet more proof that we must ban this filth NOW!"

1970s: "Hey, don't you ever think Batman and Robin are a bit, like queer... hur-hur-hur"


Holy Bat Context, Robin - well, entire post - is here

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jira_rd needs a nap:

I'm not getting enough sleep lately.

I just tried to brush my teeth with my razor. As in, I went to grab my toothbrush ((purple)) and picked up my razor ((also purple)) without realising it, squeezed toothpaste onto the razor, brought it to my mouth, and realised about a nanosecond before I started "brushing" that DO NOT WANT THIS IS A RAZOR NO NO NO.

What cats do so well

ginmar writes, in this post:

Horkalepsy: the moment in your sleep when you realize that that sound is your cat horking something up but you're too sleepy to get up and investigate.

Horky-pokey: the frantic dance you do the next morning when you're suddenly reminded of last night's previous horkfest by stepping in it.
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chibisama says:

Somehow I always imagined Dolores Umbridge was the kind of character that would be friends with Nurse Ratched. They'd sit primly on Nurse Ratched's porch and sip tea while being sweet like honey to one another. Once in a while, one of them might leak an ugly comment, but thinly veiled through high-pitched, lady-like, giggling and demurely lowered eyelids.

(QWP, entire post) Context is wary of tea from strangers!
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