April 22nd, 2007


some things you don't want to share with your parents

keilahsarmy discusses Easter chocolate with her father. Note that - her father.

melinkasua: That is why you should not steal people's chocolate. I'm kind of surprised that there's still half a chocolate egg sitting on my shelf though..? Has Chris not seen it yet?
keilahsarmy: Apparently not. Or she's developed tastebuds, that chocolate is so cheap you could pay it a buck for a blowjob and get change.
melinkasua: Oh, you tried it too?
keilahsarmy: I really hope we're still talking about the chocolate, here.
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tzikeh gets a letter from her lender, regarding her student loan:
Dear Borrower,

Thank you for selecting XXXX for your student loan.

The enclosed Notice of Guarantee/Disclosure Statement shows the incorrect amount of $99,999 in the "Requested Loan Amount" line. We regret any confusion this error may have caused. XXXX is working with the Guarantor to resolve this problem so that future Notice of Guarantee/Disclosure Statements are correct.

Thank you for your patience and understanding with this matter.


Well, *that* would have been optimistic of me, wouldn't it? I especially love the idea that this misprint might have caused *confusion*. "I can't remember--did I request tuition and expenses, or did I request a down-payment on a small mansion in the north suburbs? Shoot, I know I have the paperwork somewhere...."

(no subject)

chiller ponders the mysteries of life on earth:

Spiders have been around, largely unchanged, for millions of years.

There is a particular type of spider I am familiar with around here which does not bother me, nor I them, generally. They are distinctive because their bodies are fat, end in an elegant scientific bracket type curve, and they are covered in a silky sheen of tiny hairs. They are rather lovely. I call them silk spiders. I don't know what they're called. When bothered, they adopt a "tuck and roll" approach.

And I guess the little one I just accidentally polyurethaned in my fish barrel now knows that having an alternative to tuck and roll (ie: run like feck) may not have been necessary millions of years ago, but would be a bloody good evolutionary step now.

Context suggests those British arachnids get their finger out.
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