April 17th, 2007

Don't hate the world.

lightbulby on the recent shooting at Virginia Tech:

"I've seen a lot of people saying that they 'hate the world' after the mess at VT. I just have one thing to say to that:

Don't hate all of humanity because of the actions of a few. When you learn to hate other humans, when you let your disgust and hatred consume you, you'll be no better than them.

They killed for hate.

So we're going to live for love.

It's the best we can do."


Context has more common sense than the rest of us.

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My friend aberwak has an observation on the possibility that video games might lead to acts of violence like yesterday's shootings:

"One last thing about the massacre. I've heard on the news how video games and the violent media play in these sort of activities. My big argument: I play a lot of Civilization. You don't see me trying to raise an army to invade Mexico, to establish a diplomatic relationship with France, or attempting to trade technology with Canada."

Taken from here.
Sanosuke (mischeivous)

I sense an impending rash of sushi bar seppuku...

retsuko responds to the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture's proposed evaluation service for Japanese restaurants in foreign countries:

I originally heard about this last night, as I was sitting in a third-rate "Japanese" restaurant, eating instant miso soup and white rice with terikayki sauce on it. They had the TV's sound off, but captions on. A Japanese woman was quoted as saying, "I don't think the government should act as arbitrators of taste." I thought, maybe in this case, they should feel free. I imagined the scene dissolving and the "sushi police" busting down the door--"You there! You lived in Japan for three years, and you're eating this swill!" "Anno...I was hungry for instant miso?" "You have disgraced your taste buds!" (A ninja-style fight ensues.)

QWP, here
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Hey y'all. The Word Of Mod, Chapter Five, Verse Six.

How's things? Folks doing well? That haircut looks great on you. Hey, are those new shoes? Awesome.

Alright, now that the small talk is over, I'd like to direct your attention to something. Let's all turn the to the userinfo page. Go ahead, I'll wait here.

*da dum de dum...*

Okay- now that we're all on the same webpage; you see the name of the comm? Right below it, there's the purpose of the comm. It says :For posting funny (and occasionally deep) things said on LiveJournal

Funny. Occasionally deep, but mostly funny.

Recently, it's been brought to my attention a lot of people don't know this. I'm not sure how, but okay. Well, let's rectify this situation.

I'm sending out an all-points bulletin.

This community is not a soapbox. It's not a megaphone. It is not a grudgewank forum. It's about funny stuff found on LJ. Very occasionally, that humor makes us see things in a different light. I, and a lot of other members, have had it UP TO HERE (and you can't see me, but my hand is up over my head) with the stuff getting dragged in under false pretenses.

There are TONS of debate comms, political interest comms, news-of-the-day sort of thing, and hell, if you want to start your own about 'Interesting and controversial quotes found on Livejournal" I'll be happy to leave a note on the userinfo directing people to it. 'WorldofLJ' or something would be an awesome community. But this community has a much more narrowed focus, even if our eyes have wandered a little recently. (EDIT: worldoflj is up and running, catecumen invites you to drop by and chat.)

There's been a noticable trend of non-funny but interesting stuff. Without making any judgement call on the content, they were totally not good MQ posts. And I've tried stemming the flow one post at a time, but it hasn't worked. So please, if you're not busting a gut, don't assume it belongs here. Thank you.

(PS I have to go hang with the family so I'm not ignoring new comments, it's just time for some Seuss, pie, and bubble baths.)
Note To Self

lunza sends a note_to_cat

lunza, Human, sends a memo to Harry Potter, Cat, RE: Behaviors to avoid (regarding sleeping habits of said Human)

1. You will notice that after it gets dark, the human of the household locks herself in a cage, more or less. The human is perfectly capable of letting herself out when she pleases. She is not trapped. She has opposable thumbs, and she likes it in there.
7. You have noticed that when you open the door this way, you are promptly yelled at and ejected, and the door is shut again, so why bother? Nevertheless, you do bother, and reasoning with your little kitty brain often proves to be as much a waste of time as trying to explain to our president why his policy in Iraq is a failure (corollary: is our president a cat?); therefore, effective immediately the door will be blocked shut.

8. In case you think about getting persistent and pushing against the block, please note that such behavior will not be rewarded, especially when it's dark outside. No treats, no skritches, just yelling, hand-clapping and a possible squirt in the face with that nasty horrid substance, water, which is not banned by the Geneva Convention.

Context reminds you and Mr Potter, Cat, of existing procedure.
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vader iv: pink-a-thon

yanniconny on the Comanche genocide being denied

In the late 1800s we were handed out blankets, a traditional gift among our people, by the US government. They did their best to give one to every Comanche man, woman, and child.

These blankets had come from a small pox hospital and every one of them was infected by the small pox virus. The military made a special point to make sure the soldiers assigned to handling the blankets (which had been slated to be burned) had previously had the disease.

By the US Army's own estimates at the time, 90% of all Comanches died from the disease.

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Context is raising awareness; QWP