April 16th, 2007

No Pants

Mmm...musical zombies...

From the delightful mind of adamselzer:

"Sometimes you don't have to change much or be all that creative to make a pretty funny parody song - sometimes you just have to change one word and have a whole new song.


1. Change "Me" to "Smee," and you have yourself a pretty silly pirate song.

ie, "Lean on Smee," "Baby Come to Smee," "I Want You to Want Smee." These work especially well if you can do a good Mr. Smee voice.

2. Change "woman" to "wookie."

"Just Like a Wookie," "My Wookie from Tokyo," etc. You'll have to change a bit more of the lyrics to make it work, but these things practically write themselves.

3. Change "Horses" to "corpses."

"Wild corpses couldn't drag me away." Zombie songs also tend to write themselves.

Gold, ladies and gentlemen. Pure gold.
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boromir & Aragorn - no shit sherlock
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Oh, the humanity!

Virgin MQ. *throws streamers* sessifet25's 'that'll give you, er... bees' moment with her gorgeous co-worker:

I promptly lose my ability to type because "Eeeee! Approaching pretty!". Wrap-up takes twice as long because I also lose the ability to think straight because Oh dear lord he's sitting down on my desk and looking at me, and oh god I can't handle this what if he talks to me! Which he does. Of course. Smiles at me (*melt*) and says "I haven't seen you around before. New?".

Me : "Gur..."

He introduces himself and asks my name.

Me: "Uuuh...".

Him: "Are you always this articulate?"

My brain: He made a joke! Quick, laugh. Make a joke. Do something! Oh gods, say something!

My response?

"I have daisies!"

My brain: I hate you.

Him: Oooohkay. See you around then.

Context will laugh at this one day, I am sure of it QWP :)

spatialrift47 on what trees and toasters have in common


The tree is now lying on the ground in front of the exit to the apartment that I don't use (I use the back door), steadfastly resisting the efforts of the guy with the snowplow to move it out of the way. Hey guy, I admire your plucky determination, but that tree ain't giving you jack shit.

The window appears to be intact, except I now feel a draft between the glass panes. And there's definitely a pine needle stuck in the window's outer screen, left there like a note from the tree:

Dear V

I hate you. Kthxdie.

The Tree

*breathes* I'm ... I'm going to have some toast. UNLESS THE TOASTER TRIES TO FUCKING KILL ME TOO."

Entire entry and comments are worth reading as well, but perhaps not under any trees or next to any toasters...

Public Entry QWP

jacques_louis in wedontsendit

Haha, I was listening to my iPod tonight and out of the 1200 songs I have on there, Men Women and Children was all that kept coming up on shuffle. I mean, I like them as much as the next girl, they are just so polyester it's incredible, plus the lead singer kissed me on the forehead during a show and that's enough to gain my eternal" Awwww, how adorkable;" but really, iPod, let's get our game on, eh?

Context (f-locked, QWP) is inflicting her brain diarrhea on innocent uploaders.
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