April 15th, 2007

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iworshipsatin has a bit of blunt honesty on the topic of the topic of reproductive rights:

"I wish people who say "I'm pro-choice but..." would fucking just admit they are fence riding douche bags. If you have to put a limit on choice you are not fucking pro-choice so stop saying you are, idiot.
I'm pro-choice because I don't give a shit what you do with your uterus or the parasites that inhabit it. Keep or suck 'em out. Fuck, get 1,000 abortions. Do not give a shit. Not my uterus, not my business."

Context calls 'em like it sees 'em.
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From the journal of catalase.

“I have a hard time fully shaking my belief that our city council has a secret Committee For Civil Inconvenience. They exist to frustrate, obstruct, and complicate daily life in our fair town, because we ALL know what happened the last time Los Alamos was really productively concentrating on something for long stretches.”

Context suspect’s conspiracy-to-cause-disorder:
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