April 12th, 2007

Opus with Hat

Wedded Bliss

libby_drew has an ideal soulmate

QWP on f-lock but

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Hus: *takes in scene* Hey! We made it till Wednesday without somebody getting blood on the floor.
Sansa: I need you.
Hus: *blinks* Now? In front of the kids. *points* The baby's bleeding.
Sansa: You need to pick up son #2 from school. He's sick to his stomach.
Hus: Oh, no. I had puke duty over Christmas. Your turn.
Sansa: I can't! I have...*gestures at computer*...an emergency.
Hus: An emergency.
Sansa: Yes!
Hus: *grabs car keys* Okay. But for future reference, Harry and Snape running out of lube is not an emergency.

And that is why we'll be together forever.

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That's next to the ANY key, right?

caelum tells us a work story:

Holy cow. It was bowl-em-over day here at Best Darn. Shock! That I couldn't do it Right This Very Second. I have twenty-seven street signs, six magnet sets and eight yard signs double-sided that come before you. Five business day turnaround time, which is damn faster than most sign shops if I do say so myself. I actually had to explain to the Cletuses that yes, ART IS WORK and TAKES TIME and I don't have a button on my keyboard that says--

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From a sermon by puf_almighty, about an everyday hero:

"Anyways it's real short: She was at a Whataburger, and normally at this Whataburger there is a hispanic woman who works there, and has her kids there, three kids who play with each other. But this day the two older children were away, and the only one was a little boy, maybe 2-3, sitting in a high chair in the middle of the restaurant. Not by a wall or table, just sort of out there. And whenever people would walk by, he wanted to interact or play with them, he'd say "RAAARH" and spread his hands, like he was playing at being a dinosaur. It was an invitation to play, but you could also see in his eyes this very real frustration, even rage. He was angry about this situation, being left here alone.

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Context's faith in humanity is restored.
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For everything else...

kitttieluv has discovered the joy of video game systems...

Cost of Nintendo DS Lite.....@ $129.99 (Target.com)

Cost of Brain Age Software..... @ $19.99 (Target.com)

Being able to tell your president he's an idiot in a way he'll thank you for.....Priceless!

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katielilie explains her hatred of windows vista.

Everything in this world that sucks can be traced back to windows vista.

The plague?
windows vista.

AIDS epidemic?
windows vista.

Global warming?
windows vista.

Natural disasters?
windows vista.

Bi/poly/kinky chicks who still won't fuck you?
windows motha fuckin vista.

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clemidia writes:


Mom answers.

Mom: "Just a minute."
(hands me the phone as I am cleaning the bedroom)

Me: "Hello?"

Overly Perky Guy: "HELLO!! How are you today, MRS. Clem?!"
Strike one. DO not EVER use that title in front of my last name again after that bloody excuse of a divorce I have just endured at the hands of a lying sonufabitch and his pitbull attorney...
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