April 11th, 2007

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Master erestor makes my inner compulsive buyer feel like doing groceries again:

"People who confuse their fandom with a supermarket and aren't happy with the goods, the service or the staff might consider shopping elsewhere."

Context can be found here, still giving a good service. QWP.
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I always find it amusing when someone tries to pretend that only one group was ever persecuted, dejected, enslaved, or otherwise treated badly. Misery and her brother Suffering were, are, and will be blind, deaf, and dumb. They swing their sword and axe as they will, with no heed to who happens to be in their way.
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uko_chan has a bit of a shock (f'locked post, QWP):

While (apparently) reading my notes on diabetes, I happened to look up at the computer where my dad was playing his online game and chatting to the bloke he was playing against at the same time.

Dad: Fancy a quickie?
Other bloke: Oooh, yes please ;)
Dad: All right then. Six holes then dinner ;)
Me: … So! Epitope mimicry! *stares steadfastly at notes*

Seriously, though. If this wasn’t a golf online game I think I’d be worried.