April 5th, 2007

sexy Jafar

Jesus, DON'T take the wheel.

A comment by katie_wpg referring to Carrie Underwood's song, "Jesus Take the Wheel":

A scene always pops into my head when I think of that song:

*Song plays on the radio, the man 'gets caught up in the spirit'*
Man: *Let's go of wheel* "Jesus, take the wheel!"

*Cuts to a scene in heaven, Jesus is taking his driving test*
Jesus: "I..I don't know if I'm ready for this."
God(As the driving instructor): "Oh, you'll do fine son, just drive forward."
Jesus: "Oh...okay...here goes..."

*Cuts back to the road, shows the man's car going off a bridge*
Man(heard from a distance): "Nooooo, Jessuuuussss!"

Context is a reply to this comment.

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leperheart responds to Gina Glockson getting kicked off American Idol.

"It would have been sweet if she had dyke-slapped Sandy Vagina as the show ended. I hope the next person who gets voted off instead of him does it."

Context is still LOLLERSKATING about Sanjaya being called Sandy Vagina.

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"The only water most Portlanders get is from Stumptown coffee, and the caffeine negates the mind-controlling effects of the fluoride. Therefore the Trilateral Commission and the CFR asked their alien overlords for a more direct method of delivering precious mind-control fluoride into our bodily fluids."

Caution: context carries mind-control risk.
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axissilverhand takes a wrong turn.

The elevator doors close behind you.

> Look

Are you sure?


You are in the entrance foyer to Orlando's Club Paris, yes, THAT Paris as in Paris Hilton. High ceilings suspend pink shears that are tied back to reveal alcoves stuffed with genetalia pink monochromatic pillows, benches and cocktail napkins. An air of exclusivity is slightly ruined by the sign pleading for qualified servers, bartenders, and security personel.


Public; context has been eaten by a Grue.

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From kidophaux at customers_suck:

That is the reason you keep spilling your goddamn drink. I did not put the lid on "wrong," the lid did not just sporadically "pop off," and a tiny invisible leprechaun with a penchant for liquid-related mischief did not knock the lid off and then tip the drink over in a flurry of mad giggles and green sparklies. The problem lies in your faith that the lid-and-cup combination is invincible and can withstand you grabbing and squeezing at random

[context isn't spill-proof]