April 4th, 2007

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it's country! it's all good!

jenni_the_odd gives us a country tune.

"Oh, just remember I was at your house from two to three this morning
And please tell the police that when they show up without warning...
I promise, someday I'll explain to you why that whore had to die.
But in the meantime baby, won't you be my alibi...

Collapse )

Context has lofty goals for this song. QWP.
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Good Omens Crowley

Baby Names

taigyth's sister is debating baby names, [info]miraanokaiousei responds to one of the contenders:

"What's that splotchy red rash all over your neck?"
"Hmm? Oh, this. Just a mild outbreak of Sporanza. It happens in the spring."
"Hmn. Shame."
"Quite. More tea?"
"Of course."

Context is debating baby names QWP via MSN, flocked

Edit: Here's the link, sorry, I pasted from notepad and I forgot to link the context like I did the usernames. *headdesk*
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Malcolm Reynolds - Firefly

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poyboy muses upon a proposed arts subsidy concept:

A new era of bold artistic expression would dawn if only all funding for arts and art institutions would disappear. Perhaps finally art that would be as profitable as football and baseball, which he notes are both way more popular than classical music or opera, anyway. A bold idea that I think all artists can rally around - Don't help us anymore! Don't show our work! We hate being supported in anyway because it takes time away from our art!

Context has made a feature-length film of a soda can riding on the ocean.
Clue: Fate Worse Than Death

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cheekyweebisom forms her own opinion of "The Reaping":

However shall we stop this nightmare?

Um, we already know this one: just let the Jews go.

Seriously, if I ran the world, this movie would end with the revelation that someone had locked Mrs. Adele Goldblatt, a grandmother from Brooklyn, in his basement, forcing her to bake rugelach fourteen hours a day. A (non-firstborn) child would skip across the ravaged, post-apocalyptic landscape of the town, happen upon the cellar door, and open it. Mrs. Goldblatt would step out into the sun, the locusts would clear away instantly, and she would say, "Thank you, boychik."

Context is somewhere in the book of Exodus QWP.