April 3rd, 2007

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persephori found the small print.

**The Baptism is valid for 30 days from date of excommunication. No redemptions will be available after 30 days. Baptism is valid for a single patron only and is nontransferable. Baptisms that are not in our records or have been performed in churches of a separate denomination will not be regard as sacrosanct unless previously arranged with the Holy Spirit and a notarized dispatch is submitted to LDS for review.Additional repentance may apply in some states. This offer is not valid in Iran, Syria, or Canada. Offer void where prohibited; some restrictions may apply. Adult assembly required.

Context is my locked entry here about how they revoke baptismal blessings when you leave the Mormon church, but they give you 30 days to change your mind and get them back. No, seriously. QWP.
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On the way home, batchix reconciles faith and Darwinism:  

Dear Darwin-man,

I can see by the five darwin-centered bumper stickers on your car and the fact that your LICENSE PLATE says darwin on it that you believe in evolution. HOWEVER. You have also just proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is a God. He's definitely looking after you because no one but those touched by the divine could arrive safely at their destination when driving like an asshat like you just did.


agent may is unimpressed

Drinking + Skiing = A Hell of a Vacation

The rest of the evening (what we can remember of it anyway) was spent at the local bar, rather than some of the tourist hang-outs. As it turns out, we should've gone to the tourist hang-out. Evidently it was SOOOOOOUULLLLL TRAIN! night. There was much drinking, much drunk-dialing of the punk-ass bitches what decided to skip out on going on the trip with their oldest friends so they could go to a wedding with their not-girlfriends and my surprising the hell out of everyone by going up to random women and talking to them with the corniest and/or worst pick-up lines my so-called friends could come up with for their amusement.

(Joke's on them. I got three phone numbers and one kiss after telling one woman she had a lovely Afro-disiac. WHO'S HOUSE? MY HOUSE!)

graphicnovelist had a lovely time, didn't you?
ever after: danielle


rain_ing has something to say to her houseguests...

We made a deal! It seems, they do whatever they want to do with that part of the room, leave me alone, and I will leave them to their scurrying around.

Ants wouldn't matter so much to me if they did not use my room as a BOMB SHELTER. After a particularly severe bout of rainfall/thunderstorm, I will see lines of them fleeing the great outdoors to seek refuge in my room. Imagine that, ants! My faith in your diligence has been shredded to bits!

Hardworking gits, eh, I TAKE THAT ALL BACK. You have forced me, dear ants, to declare WAR on you. I will ERADICATE you from the face of this earth! This is a NO HOLDS BARRED battle, and I will emerge VICTORIOUS. How could you trample all over my diplomacy? My pride is wounded, and you have unlocked the floodgates of my wrath.

I hear thunder. Even better! I hope you flock to my room, because THERE I WILL BE WAITING FOR YOU.

F-locked, QWP
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00 - Fathalon

Bel from Singapore thinks Americans think too hard about the first amendment.

even though my right to free speech is limited, at least I know, from hundreds of English and GP and LAWR classes, that firstly, nobody gives a damn about what I think, and secondly, that if I want to speak about something, I'd better have enough substance and authority to back it up with, and to take responsibility if it's a flawed opinion (because otherwise I could get sued in defamation for saying NKF had installed gold taps, zomg).

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