April 2nd, 2007

koot fish

Tongue Twister fun at the LJDQ

elfie_samurai- "Cincinatti reminds me of this story I heard of this guy whose last name was Cianci and his wife was Nancy Anne so she was Nancy Anne Cianci. See? Nancy-ancy-ancy! It's fun!"

chaosvizier- "I hope Nancy has some posh sisters. Then one day she can have a child and names her Yancy Anne. And we could look forward to Yancy Anne Cianci's Fancy Aunties."

shadowed_guise- Those sisters can only afford to be posh because of their low-quality high street lingerie emporium, with all the products made from sweatshops staffed with Nancy's sons and daughters.

All that trouble for Yancy Anne Cianci's Fancy Aunties Chancy Panties.

Context is eagerly awaiting this weeks quiz.

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cicadaqueen on scenester kids:

Do these kids ever do anything besides standing in front of mirrors posing and taking stupid pictures of themselves with dumb expressions on their faces? Is the 'scene' in their bathroom? They all seem to hang out in there a lot.

QWP, Context is hogging the mirror.
What's your superpower?

Not funny, but beautiful.

(rev_hp_meyers is a Methodist pastor. Emphasis mine.)

Important people are fighting over the existence of god. Others are fighting against or for evolution, something as confusing as anything else. Some people fill the world with hate, some only care about themselves. Funny you never see my God on the television. You hear about Christians, but they show you nothing about Christ.

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~rev_hp_meyers, f-locked here, QWP.
evil duck

Now available in Office!

Ahh, cwsensation, will you never cease to amuse me?

Co-Worker: "You know, Bill Gates has said that with what he knows from the results of what he's donated, AIDS will have a vaccine in the next 5 years?"

Me: "Yeah, but it won't be effective until AIDS Vaccine, Service Pack 2..."

Context suffered the blue screen of death.
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