March 29th, 2007

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gramarye1971 gives us an English lesson.

Work today brought up an interesting example of the actually-quite-necessary grammatical difference between 'less than' and 'fewer than'.

The sentence in question was something along the lines of 'We screen potential employees rigorously, and hire ____ than 7 percent of our applicants.'

If you say 'less than 7 percent of our applicants', does that mean you're only going to hire, say, most of someone's foot and a bit of their right knee?

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tania rants about freeloading customers expecting special treatment because they're a non-profit organisation. kulhain replies:

"Sometimes people who work for non-profits expect everyone to work for no-profit. And some people just want something for nothing.

We had a garage sale a few years ago. This old lady came in looking to buy all Mom's throw blankets for pennies. She told Mom that God had directed her towards our sale and that she was *sure* we could make the price come down.

I believe Mom's response was "That's strange, because I feel God directing you back to your car." "

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TMNT and Spartans. OH NOES.

I can see it now:
Spartans (confused): "Wait ... where's 'Cowabunga'?
Spartans (even more confused): Where the hell is Pizza???
XERXES: Whatever it is, we have it. And lesbians.
Other (even more confused) Spartans: Isn't that where that leaning tower is?

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Brak55 has great powers of word association...

"Another Reason Why I Never Got Promoted in Big Business

Today at work, a woman from the front office came back to talk with the woman who sits next to me. She was telling her all about a new puppy that they were getting. The puppy is pure white and she needed a name for it but didn't want something like Snowball or Snowflake.

Before my brain could edit my thoughts, I blurted out, "How about Cocaine?""

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takhisis sez:

Most people practice Stereomancy to some extent, or at least have noticed its effects: how after you've just been dumped, every radio station is playing sappy love songs. Or if you're trying to keep your temper there's nothing on the air but thrash. Some of us see the random music during a commute to be an omen (especially if it's all songs about getting fired). The new iPod's turned my personal Stereomancy from radio-based to shuffle-based, but the element of randomness is still there.

Today's commute roulette:
- O-Zone: Dragostea Din Tei
- Duran Duran: Notorious
- Saliva: Click Click Boom
- NIN: A Warm Place
- Cowboy Bebop Soundtrack: Green Bird
- Primus: The Air is Getting Slippery

So apparently my horoscope for today is "You will have a productive morning, followed by death from a disgruntled workplace sniper in the afternoon. You will be reincarnated as a banjo."
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After a great deal of discussion mod-side, it's been decided that obvious icon trolling is still obvious trolling. Obviously graphic/trolling icons will be grounds for post-deletion, and may be cause, like obvious text-trolling, for immediate banning. Yes, this is what happened in this case.

No need for a further rule; this was a pretty obvious case of trolling, and we'll handle further cases as they arise. The offending post (and its 413 comments) are now gone.
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sionnain's laptop died.

Circuit City had a really good deal on a Toshiba. It was 'Buy this, and it's ready in 24 minutes!' thing. Samantha and I both thought that meant if you didn't get it in 24 minutes, they destroyed it.


Eric's like, "Uh...I think it means that's how long it takes for them to get it ready."

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When typos go wrong...

During a conversation in nonfluffypagans, the following comments were overheard.

feste_sylvain: I'm not usually one to pick on spelling, but "phallicies" are representations of penises, while "fallacies" are logical errors. I believe you meant the latter.

to which hyperform responds:

Can't you see a neo-freudian book titled FACT AND PHALLUSY?

Context has an Oedipal Complex about halfway down.
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