March 28th, 2007


Watch out for that...never mind

commodorified pondered up 14 Reasons to be polite and decent to other people in online fandom, of which this is a prime example:

We are not short of clever around here. The bar for "So smart you will automatically be loved and admired, even if you behave like a wild squirrel brought indoors" is set much, much higher than you think it is, and you are probably in no danger of concussing yourself on it.

QWP, because to do otherwise would be impolite
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paka ponders in a locked post:
So let's see. After a loud screaming breakup with Saruman, who's now calling himself the "many-colored" (rainbow?), Gandalf is last seen vanishing with a big, whip-brandishing fellow Maia. Then he "grapples with his foe," "riding him bareback" throughout the levels of Moria, sees a whole batch of brilliant lights, and comes to completely naked, feeling a hell of a lot more confident, and somehow he's acquired a new set of nice white togs.

Uh huh. "Fighting the Balrog." Riiiiight.
QWP. There is no context.
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Many Bothans died to bring you this wiki...


beccatoria is awed (but not necessarily in a good way) by Wookieepedia's powers:

Also, the attempts of Lucasfilm to integrate EVERYTHING into canon (which I respect; I really really do, when it doesn't lead to travesties like this) means that the following Star Wars: Galaxies plotline is canon: "It also allows them to interact with the ghost of Obi-Wan Kenobi whom is lost on Mustafar and needs the aid of the players to help him "find his way back"."

They have, unfortunately changed the wording now so it's slightly less ridiculous. But seriously... "Strike me down, Darth, and I will become more disoriented than you can possibly imagine!"



Paine boobs

Kernal panic!

foeclan has fun with laptops:

Got the new hard drive for my work laptop on Thursday last week. Kickstarted Fedora Core 5, it kernel panicked. Kickstarted FC6, it kernel panicked. Installed FC5 from a DVD yesterday and it worked, but couldn't get my dual monitor setup working. I needed the NVIDIA driver. The NVIDIA driver needed kernel source. Kernel source needed a fly. Fly needed a spider. Spider needed a mouse. Mouse needed a cat. Cat needed a dog. Dog needed a lion. Lion needed an elephant.

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amadruadaboleyn really gets Dragonforce

Additionally, I love myselftheliar for reminding me that DragonForce exists. I am indulging myself in speed-metal fantasies, wherein I have a huge sword and huge hair and am standing on a cliff with wind blowing in my huge hair and looking determinedly over the FLAMING WRECKAGE OF MY CHILDHOOD HOME. Oh, my god, this is masturbation for my geek cortex. HELLS YES.

<---- has lost it from pre-exam stress.

Context is metal as fuck.