March 27th, 2007

do I look like I care?

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granulac is interested in getting into vinyl, but coyotecoyote doesn't approve of the recommendations she's been getting:

You can take an intrest in vinal records without having to become a serious die-hard collector who spends $1,500 on a turn-table!

Do you know how many cup noodles $1,500 can buy?
Three thousand.
That's more than eight years worth of lunches.
You're basically telling her to not eat for EIGHT YEARS.

Link for context.

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purelush is having a sinister bathroom experience:

i was in a restaurant bathroom today and my scar started to hurt. this sharp pain right at the tip. it was so harry potter, it killed me. but since my scar was not caused by an evil wizard but by a wayward sink, it was not very foreboding.

Context has been haunted by an evil sink who killed her parents from birth.

starwild on the all-important joys of thesi:

Imagine yourself on an island paradise, surrounded by rivers of your choice of alcoholic beverage and gorgeous, scantily-clad attendants of your favorite gender, ready to fulfil your every need (and I do mean *every*, wink wink). You have just won the biggest lottery in history, your book has hit #1 on the bestseller list, and you are still wearing your Nobel Prize medal as you recline on the beach. In the distance, construction is continuing on your mansion while, somewhere, Spielberg and Scorsese are fighting over the chance to make a movie of your life and Chuck Norris is committing suicide because he'll just never be as awesome as you.

Got all that?

Ok. Now--apply that feeling to the following statement.

I have an idea for my thesis.

G-d created Livejournal, but Chuck Norris created context

sexy Jafar

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parathalyn may be sick, but the sarcasm organs are working perfectly.

She replied that I should be aware that this was a "Catholic institution" and I was feeling sarcastic enough to say "Really? I thought it was a hospital. Silly me." with a straight face.

Context can be pretty snarky when it has a fever.

EDIT: I found something else. It's from tawaki in fanficrants.

I know who Severus Snape is, but who is Serverus? An specialist in disenchanting computers in the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Department?

Craft Disturbing Mental Image

Sort of like a WHAT?

As a former union employer, I know guys like this: reactionary social conservatives with socialist economic sense -- it's the most vexxing and disbelievable combination of mores possible. Sort of like a transgendered clown.

mengus doesn't like fucktards much.
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samuraiter enlightens us to the works of lesser-known Victorian author Charles Dickings here

Ah, yes, Charles Dickings, author of such Victorian classics as Great Bedroom Expectations and A Tale Of Two Titties. Good to see that he is finally getting the recognition he deserves! Personally, if you want a good starting place in his extensive library of work, might I recommend Martin Guzzlesit? ;-)