March 26th, 2007

monk john
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As far as I'm concerned, frozen yogurt is the Cain to ice cream's Abel. Frozen yogurt is ice cream after decades of institutionalization with heavy medication and electroshock therapy. What Chief did for McMurphy, someone should do for frozen yogurt. Yet every year or so there comes a day where I wonder, "Can it possibly be as bad as I remember? Might not a bit of frozen yogurt hit the proverbial spot?" So I buy some, taste it, force myself through a few spoonfuls and curse myself for a fool.

For me, dating and frozen yogurt have a lot in common.

Context is now under a hundred characters.

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acids talks about getting to know new people.

When I meet people, well, guys actually, I always wonder if I'll end up kissing them or getting familiar with their genitals or marrying and divorcing them. I imagine the drives we might take places and the explosive arguments we could have. I always wonder where time will take us. The answer, usually, is nowhere. Imagining the possibilities is much more fun than living them sometimes. Because in real life, people are gross and have germs and ease into lies.

QWP and context has an active imagination.

The four man bobsled for Hell departs... now.

scarlettgirl discovers the dangers of mixing a guilty conscience/Catholicism with RPS:

On the way home we stopped at the The National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. The boys were very excited. I, having spent the last five days writing 5,000 words of Dirty!Bad!Wrong RPS (5,000 words?! The hell?!) was a little less excited. Imagine my horror when walking across consecrated ground, puffs of white smoke were rising from my feet. Christ on a cracker...I was burning. The eldest pointed out that it was the fertilizer the grounds crew had spread, but still...

I hedged my bets by having a chat with Mary in one of the 8,193 chapels. I mean, she was a chick, surely she could appreciate a little hot guy-on-guy? Right?

Context may be locked and QWP, but suspects that Mary was a Peter/Judas shipper and would be a-okay with it.
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I'm a metaquotes virgin.

findyouranswers is sick of injuries.

I have a dream. And in that dream, we Cubs fans have a Spring Training where the words "Wood" and "Prior" mean nothing, unless they are used in a sentence like, "In his prior at bat, he was able to get good wood on the pitch." They are a waste of space and time on this baseball team and a drain on resources that could be used to improve the actual pitching staff, not the "what coulda been" throwers.

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