March 25th, 2007

I am a girl of the future

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kulan asked veevega to summarize the book “Aspergers in Sauropods”.
i'd buy this children's book

"Johnny isn't like the other Sauropods.
Tom runs and plays in the valley.
Harry eats leaves and likes to collect pebbles.
Johnny devises more advanced methods to program computer language codes, and Tom and Harry make him nervous and irritated."

sexy Jafar

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fanficrants is the most wonderful source of metaquotes. In a comment on this entry, sparda219 has this to say:

Honestly. Mages KILL things with FUNNY SOUNDING WORDS. They have the whole "they impose their will on reality and make physics their bitch" thing going on. If someone tries to rape them by force, they will have MOLTEN LAVA rushing through their bone marrow.

Context, although that's the entirety of the comment.

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ladynaberrie has an observation about her family:

"You know your dorkiness is genetic when you father comes into the room with a knife and holding some piece of lawn equipment like a shield and loudly declares "THIS IS SPARTA!"

Yup. That's where half my genes come from."

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