March 22nd, 2007

ST: Pointless Shot of the Enterprise

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plazmah and chaos_wraith discuss the various affiliations of internet phenomena.


plazmah:  NO, THAT'S MYSPACE.

chaos_wraith: I HAVE ONE OF EACH.
Man, I'm gonna have SO MUCH explaining to do when I meet God. D:

plazmah: I wonder what would be god's appropriate internet medium? Wikipedia perhaps? ;)

chaos_wraith: In all honesty, I think that'd be a case against his existence.

Context has some 'splainin' to do!  Flocked, QWP.
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(It looks tl;dr, but it's worth it)


FIRST, you must take the token from the Cavern of Theieves...THEN, you must run up the Path of Topiary and climb the Wall of Doom. SUCCEED, and you will be granted access to the Shrine of The Silver Monkey. ASSEMBLE the monkey, push the switch, and you will slide down to the Antechamber of Steven. RETRIEVE Steven's beer, and you may pass to the Corridor of Torches. LIGHT the proper torch, and you will pass through to The Spider's Lair. NAVIGATE through the spider's web, and you will be granted access to The Piggly Wiggly. BUY three rolls of paper towels, and the cahier will alow you to pass through to The Chamber of The Lair of The Oracle of The Sages of Yesterday. RECITE the room's name to the Oracle and the temple guard will give you a back rub and you will fall asleep and when you awaken you will be in The Basement of Disillusionment. ATTAIN gainful employment and you may move out of the basement to The Pad of Bachelorism. BRING a girl home and you may ditch her to proceed to The Garden of Ill-Fated Writers. BOOT HEROIN with William S. Burroughs and you may crawl to The Small Corridor Filled With Styrofoam Peanuts. Make your way through the corridor, and enter The Arena of Unacceptable Touching. BLOW your rape whistle and KICK the frisky Temple Guard in the groin, and run sobbing to The Cave of Tombs of Bodies of The Pharoahs. PULL the key from the eyesocket of Anakhnahten, and proceed to the Room of Artifcatiness. GRAB the Jewel-encrusted-doodad-of-some-dead-douchebag, RUN back to the temple entrance, and if you do it in two minutes OMGYOU'REFUCKINGGOINGTOSPACECAMPNYUGGAH!!!!!!

Context is flocked, QWPed, and reliving the glory days of Nickelodeon.

Horrible, horrible retail pain...

netgirl_y2k got a new job! She's enjoying it ever so much:

I have now had my new job for just over a week and have overcome the impulse to leg it out of the bathroom window and never return. Of course that's mainly because there isn't a window in the bathroom, but still, progress isn't to be sneered at.

It's in a health food shop, which means that my job is basically selling snake oil to idiots with more money than sense, luckily the alarming size of my overdraught means that I have absolutley no qualms about this. The shop itself is a bit rubbish, I'm convinced half the 'dietary supplements' and 'slimming aids' they sell are just chalk and E numbers. But, hey, if you're stupid enough to pay twenty quid for a titchy bottle of pills that don't even say what they do (because they do bugger all) then that's your lookout.

Hey, at least the management are nice:

I had been there a grand total of three hours when the store manager asked me why I was short and fat, I replied that it was a combination of genetics and jaffa cakes, so that gives you a bit of an idea what she's like. Still she doesn't mind when I have to scurry over to her every five minutes and say things like 'help me, some blokes just asked for horny goat weed, surely that isn't really a thing.' And she's quite tall which I like, the worst manager I ever had was a bloke called Paul who was all of five foot nothing and prone to jumping out at you from behind stacks of CDs.

Context does not want to know the uses of horny goat weed.

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fools_rant had the following to say about hardcore Fleetwood Mac fans:

I have nothing against Fleetwood Mac, really. They have a lot of good songs, and a even a few classics.

But seriously, when the car you drive has a custom license plate holder declaring "And on the 8th day, God created Stevie Nicks!" it's gonna make me wonder, just a teeny bit, about that person's status as an Earth-based life form. Some people just go their own way, i guess...

Context is not friends locked, but QWP nonetheless.
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Pearls Before Swine - Pig Blogging

Just don't let her near the credit card...

terrylj's four-year-old is learning to read:

I'm having second thoughts on the whole "Delenn-reading" thing. I think secretly she has already learned to read and is playing dumb.

I've found her twice on the desktop computer, which she is not supposed to touch without supervision. Both times she had logged on to the internet. The first time, she was typing an e-mail to Governor Blanco. The second time, she was attempting to create a Netflix account.

I'm seriously beginning to think that her ultimate goal is world domination.

QWP, context is nonexistant.