March 21st, 2007

HP Fleur

And Coffee Filters Were Hung by the Chalice With Care

persephone78 heralds the good news of a Unitarian Universalist Christmas Story.

"Yes, the Sweet Baby Unitarian Universalist was born a long long time ago on Ralph Waldo Emerson's birthday. Legend has it that our little baby UU's birth was preceeded by a giant chalice that lit up the night sky over New England with the faint glow of liberalism. That night the baby was visited by three wise old Drag Queens who brought birkenstocks, a coffee pot and the complete works of Immanuel Kant to the small child. The baby's two mommies were thrilled to receive these gifts..."

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johnny depp - laugh

on bizarre fandoms...

Lesson, children: just because the song is sung by a moron who sings about the cool-value of self-mutilation as a valid form of expression, does not mean that her meandering dirge automatically fits a fandom where a man is more than happy to step in and do the mutilation for you.

-- thestalkycop, to the Red Eye fandom.

(Quoted with permission, full post can be found here.)
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agent may is unimpressed

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The people around me right now are drinking Moosehead and sangria, listening to music and laughing--laughing so very much. They lean into each other, hugging and touching affectionately. They are, at least for the moment, confident and secure in themselves.

This is a world my children have never experienced. They are just beginning to learn security, safety, stability, the feeling that the person next to you will not harm you.

This is what I want them to have. I want them to grow up into friendship and security, fondness and stability, affection and safety. So when I look around this room, I see what I am fighting for.

I do not fight to solely to minimize damage. I do not fight simply for the cessation of trauma, I fight for the beginning of living. I do not fight simply to stop crying, I fight for laughter to start.

This is real. This is living and laughter and a reason to keep going. This is what makes me go back to my job every day and look my children in the eye and tell them honestly: "It gets better."

And then I keep fighting to make that true.

thatpalebluedot explains why she's a social worker.

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The only frightening part of my day was when one of the elderly gentlemen in my office was attempting to remove an industrial sized stapler from a huge stack of papers and IT POPPED OUT INTO HIS EYE. RIGHT INTO HIS ELDERLY EYEBALL. I damn near passed out. Being stabbed in the eye with a foreign object is on my Top Ten Scariest Things I Am Afraid Of Ever List. The List is as follows:

1) Falling off of a building
2) Plucking my eyebrows, sneezing, stabbing self in eye with tweezers
3) Falling and hitting eye on sharp object
4) Being chased by clown, falling, hitting eye
5) Being stuck in a room with a clown and no escape (this has happened to me twice in my lifetime)
6) Being stabbed in a vital organ
7) Being pushed off a building by a clown
8) Being chased by a clown holding a chainsaw (THIS has happened to me twice in my lifetime)
9) Having eye plucked out in the midst of a girlfight
10) Having something pop out of the toilet (a snake, eel, animal, etc) while I'm sitting on it
10.1) A close encounter with Peyton Manning (i.e. any function where I have to be within 5 feet of him)
10.2) Being stuck in a New Orleans alley with a clown making me penis shaped balloon animals

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Baby Cthulu

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muskrat_john was having a customers-suck moment. In return, mechgogo replied in jest:

Dear John, I have been a devoted reader of your strip for some time now. As such I feel you owe it to me to name at LEAST one major, recurring character after me in the strip or I will stop reading it . Also, my cat just did something disgusting on the rug and if you wish to keep me as a "customer" I strongly suggest you get over here and clean it up posthaste and since you're coming out this way anyway would it kill you to stop at the store and grab me another couple cans of the industrial grade solvent whose fumes I have CLEARLY been huffing since before Jesus rode a Big Wheel? As you can tell by the content of this letter, I have already run through the six-pack of the stuff that I bought at lunchtime yesterday. The walls have stopped breathing, the dog is no longer chanting at me and I'm starting to freak out a little bit. So get to hopping Mr Cartoon Man! ;)

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