March 20th, 2007

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wars you will never win

spirit_wolf fights a losing battle with her body:

My body started having conversations with me starting around Tuesday, telling me that if I didn’t slow down, I was going to get sick. So I said to my body, “Body, I don’t have time to slow down right now, I have a billion things to do! Suck it up!” My body repeated its warning of “You're doing too much! Slow down, eat right and get more rest! We’ve played this game before, it always ends the same!” At that point, I started using the silent treatment with my body and refused to answer it. I am the boss of this here castle!

Yesterday around noon, I heard my body menacingly laugh and say, ’dumb ass’ from the background as I realized I was so exhausted that I wasn’t getting through the day without a nap. I told my body to hush, I would be fine after a nap. I woke up from the nap at around 5 PM to find my nose stuffed, yet running, a horribly sore throat, a headache, the rapid sneezes and a cough. Damn it! I hurried up and took some Tylenol and drank some tea with Vitamin C, and tried to lay back down, but thanks to my stuffy nose, I can’t breathe well enough to fall asleep. Not only are my above symptoms still here, but they have invited their friends fever, watery eyes and body aches to join us.

As I sit here sipping my hot tea, I cursed under my breath, “Body, you suck!” The only response I got was, “Maybe next time you’ll sit your ass down when I tell you to sit, Bitch!”

*sigh* I'm going to go back under the covers and shake in peace.

QWP, Context is full of mucus.
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"Inexplicable Graffiti"

artaxastra saw some graffiti on her way to work, that made her think...

Big blue letters spraypainted on a train trestle exhort us to "Act Goethe!"

What does this mean, I muse? That we should act in a play by Goethe? That we should strive to emulate Goethe in our daily life? That we should act like Young Werther? What would that be like? Like being emo, only with more of a Rock Me Amadeus kind of feel?

Quoted with permission!
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New Gaming Craze? No, not really...

holy_popolo visits the doctor and has an interesting time.

also, i was thinking about this--when the doctor puts the stethoscope on your back and tells you to take a deep breath, it's sorta like a game...usually, you're going to have to cough and it seems as though they know this. so each one tries to outsmart the other. sorta like this:
patient's thoughts:
haha! i'm not going to cough! *breathes in, breathes out*
doctor's thoughts:
i'll get you to cough, you just wait.
patient's thoughts:
haha! i didn't cough and you're finished!
doctor's thoughts:
oh, this should get you. *puts the stethoscope on the patient's back an extra time*
patient's thoughts:
wha--? *breathes in brea--COUGHCOUGH--thes out* dang it.

Context is hoping it doesn't have mono, has strange medicine, and is QWP.
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Filial Correctness? Pass.

I've always wondered how the frothing at the mouth child free people--you know, the ones who think "mother" is a bad word and call all mothers and all children horrible names and think that procreating is a bad thing for everyone--treat their mothers. Do they call her "moo"? Do they call up and say, "Hey, moo, this is your crotchdropping."?

QWP from a locked post by whiskeygirl8.
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