March 18th, 2007

Textual Proctology

NSA - No Such Agency

savannah_leigh: Mystery Building...
It's on Victoria Drive, between Georgia and Pender, on the east side of the street, and it's this huge concrete building, with no windows, no signage whatsoever, and I've never actually seen anyone go in or out.

What the heck is that all about?! I like to imagine some kind of government experiments, or a secret society, or storage for dangerous substances.

Anywho, thought I'd see if anyone else has ever wondered about this....

shaun_a_m: CSIS...

savannah_leigh: What's CSIS?

onepinkshoe: Wow, they're better than I thought!

Context is curious about strange buildings which may or may not belong to the CSIS.

The horror! The horror!!

::cue Announcer voice::

In a world where spring comes but once a year...

Where cats roam through the homes of everyday people...

Where owners occasionally brush their four-footed companions...

The worst threat of the season draws near:

::cue ominous music::

The Shedding

Quiver as people chase their cats to the bathroom, hoping to stave off smelly carpets and unsightly stains...

Tremble at the midnight huck huck hucking of cats convulsing with hairballs...

Scream at stains permanently discoloring the rug!

The Shedding

No one gets out unfurred

::end music and Announcer voice::

Context here, by scarlettina
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And you thought badly-done kimonos at conventions were off...

bean_bunny forgets what she's wearing to dinner:

The van literally pulled to a stop right as I realized my white ass was about to walk into a Chinese buffet in full-on traditional Chinese costume.

That's wonderful. That is JUST spectacular. Man, I hadn't looked like an asshole all week, so I was totally overdue. Please join us next week on Bean's Adventures in Racial Sensitivity when Bean dons a dashiki and goes to parade in the Million Man March.

Context, for once, is not a little bit racist.
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