March 17th, 2007


Death of a Toilet

caragana_leaves's delightful bit of writing about a hellish experience, as found in customers_suck.

"...some idiot on the third floor...

...for reasons I am still at a loss to explain...

...SMASHED HIS TOILET INTO A LOT OF LITTLE PIECES. I mean it. He went totally Boondock Saints on this toilet. There was no toilet any more. Neo's spoon had more spooniness than this toilet had toiletry. IT WAS AN EX-TOILET!"

The context, however, is considerably more depressing than this excerpt.
blue flower

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annuscka writes about Finland's Parliamentary Elections (tomorrow) and melodramatic campaigns:

They [Social Democratic Party] seem to have been missing the good old days and thus it's been screaming about money-grubbing rightwingers who want to execute the elderly to save money, lock poor kids out of schools, eat workers for lunch and only care about Me as opposed to the knights in blood-red armour who care about Us and want everyone to be communist and happy.

Context is flocked, QWP