March 16th, 2007


Well I'd watch

merrickm is strong with the funny today

"You shot me into space."

. . . . .

We'll send him cheesy movies, the worst we can find!
He'll have to sit and watch them and we'll monitor his mind!
Now keep in mind the Hulk can't control when the movies begin or end
He'll fight to keep his sanity with the help of his alternate personalities!

Hulk roll call!
Joe Fixit!
Savage Hulk!

And if you're wondering where the extra mass comes from when he transforms or other science facts
Just say to yourself "It's a comic book! I should really just relax. . . "

For Mystery Smashing Theatre 616!

Don't make Context angry, you wouldn't like it when it's angry . . .
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dudski responds to news that Veronica Mars has been cancelled:
I'm not even the slightest bit sad that it's going, really. As far as I'm concerned, at some point in the last two years, Veronica Mars was cancelled and replaced with Cap'n Robbie's Festival of Suck, and I'm glad the substitute is finally being yanked. [context]
popcorn, Movies (popcorn)

The Labyrinth Yardstick

greenlily thinks about Labyrinth:

Movie night chez Jennie last night, where we watched Labyrinth and it was awesome. I think that for fangrrls who grew up with this movie, the movie provides a pretty good yardstick for successive phases of artistic (or something) maturity.

Early Adolescence: "Oh my Godzilla. This movie is about me. Except, you know, I am not as beautiful as Jennifer Connelly. But if I were beautiful, she's who I'd want to look like. Her stepmom is so mean! David Bowie looks kind of like Mr. Spock except older. Ooo, Muppets. I must go around saying, 'SMELL BAAADDD!' at every possible opportunity."

Later Adolescence: "Woe, for I am still not as beautiful as Jennifer Connelly. OMG David Bowie!!1!!! How did I fail to notice before that he is extremely hot! I must go around quoting Sarah's lines about 'Through dangers untold...' at every possible opportunity. And, you know, maybe chalking it on walls and writing it on desks at school and stuff."

Early Adulthood: "This movie is SO EIGHTIES!!! I cannot believe how young Jennifer Connelly looks in this movie. David Bowie's effective but alarming costume is...really alarming. And not all that hot. How did I fail to notice before that the scenes of him playing with the baby are absolutely adorable? Whoahhh, M.C. Escher. I must go around quoting Sir Didymus at every possible opportunity."

Mature Adulthood: "Are those David Bowie's real eyebrows? Jennifer Connelly is totally wearing hair extensions in the ball scene. Aaaand...right there is where they switched from the real Toby to the doll. Who's got a laptop? Someone look and see what Toby Froud's been up to since this movie. I've seen this movie how many times? and never noticed the milk bottles placed outside the gate of the Goblin City! Joseph Campbell is spinning in his grave. The M.C. Escher scene is still cooler than almost anything in this movie. Oooo, Muppets."

QWP, Context reminds me of the babe.
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mildredmilton on stereotypes about female sexuality (ETA: the idea that women have a low sex drive):
And really, what marks this great collective called fangirldom, with its manga enthusiasts, its porn chatspammers, its constant insistence on ships, sex, and perversion in comic books, and its vast library of Green Lantern Butt Icons, than a low sex drive and a general disinterest in sex.
Context is clearly not fully satisfied by chocolate. (Flocked, QWP)
We March On

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sarahtales objects to the suggestion that every woman wanted to marry Heathcliff, Mr Rochester or Mr Darcy.

TV PRESENTER: Boys, would you like to talk about your interest and hobbies?
ROCHESTER: Well, there’s the compulsive lying. And then there’s the cross-dressing.
HEATHCLIFF: I enjoy long romantic walks on the moors-
TV PRESENTER: Oh, that’s nice!
HEATHCLIFF: And then I like to round off the day by hanging a puppy.
TV PRESENTER: So, do any of you have a special lady?
ROCHESTER: Well, I may have gotten the syph from my score of mistresses. And I have this illegitimate kid. And I do have a wife, but she’s crazy and in the care of a drunk, so that won’t stick.
HEATHCLIFF: Oh snap, I have a wife too! I beat her.
DARCY: I am as yet unmarried, madam.
TV PRESENTER: Thank God for that… So, uh, what would you consider your greatest, uh, fault?
ROCHESTER: Some narrow-minded fools frown on tricking defenceless girls into bigamy.
HEATHCLIFF: So I practise incestuous necrophilia. Don’t be a hater.
DARCY: Sometimes I’m a little judgemental. And aloof at parties.
TV PRESENTER: *hides behind Mr Darcy*


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pathology_doc: That's why we citizens of the British Commonwealth still spell the word for posterior as "arse". Because if I am a farmer and I call the vet over to help me impregnate my ass, I can do it in the knowledge that as a speaker of British or Australian English, I am not asking him to sodomize me; nor am I laying the groundwork for RPS mpreg.

Context here;
patf: :D? :D?

One of those opening lines that draw you right in. Like a fisher of men.

grace_istheword has an epiphany:

I have recently discovered that I am like Jesus.

Way back when I was a fetus, my parents went to Germany (where they'd be called meine Eltern). Flying made my mom get all swollen (think Aunt Marge); she said her fingers looked like sausages and she was miserable.

Anyway, they were exhausted, but there were no unoccupied hotels on the base, so they took a bus to a small town. However, none of the hotels in Bethlehem this town had vacancies, either. But eventually someone took pity on my mom because she was pregnant and had sausagy fingers; they were given a dinky little room on the condition that they be out by 6 AM.

Sure, maybe I wasn't born that night. But I'm sure there were stars. And farm animals. This was, after all, Germany.

Also, I can walk on water.

Context, however, can't turn water into wine.
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