March 15th, 2007


Ponies for all!

Lost fen are hard to please. mmaresca illustrates in caltrask55's TV round-up post. Flocked, but qwp from both.
I swear, sometimes I see the following dialogue between some of the viewers and the producers.
Viewer: I want a pony for Christmas!
Producer: That's sweet. But there won't be a pony.
(Come Christmas)
Viewer: Where's my pony?
Producer: What pony?
Producer: No I didn't.
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Bring Doom strippers!

Rehabilitation 101 for stupid dog owners

rhyannonwrites responds to my rant about two negligent Seattle dog owners with a manifesto on good dog care:

May I also add?

The cute little puppy you brought home because you simply could not resist its cute cuddly widdle face is going to grow up. Most dogs have a lifespan of between 8-15 years. It makes me want to SCREAM when people get a puppy, play with it like it is a toy for a few weeks and then when it starts to get to the awkward teenage dog stage, they throw it out into the backyard and ignore it totally.

Next. Get a dog breed that suits your lifestyle.... or if you buy a certain dog breed because you simply cannot resist them - you better adjust your lifestyle to accomodate [sic] the fact that said dog was bred with certain traits in mind. Therefore, my Rott/Golden mix - she was bred to WORK. If she does not have things to DO, things she thinks are her job? She gets bored. Bored Keladry = troubled, sad, schizo Keladry. Therefore.... She has stuff to do. The end. On both lines from which she was bred there was a need for the ability to travel over a decent distance. If I trapped this dog in an itty bitty backyard, she would be miserable. So big backyard AND she needs to walk. Yes, a lot. Often, even. Because she outweighs me by a good twenty pounds and because she is stronger than hell- we have discovered the AWESOME sport of dog skiing. I wear my Heelies, she pulls me. (I'm lucky that she's smart she knows the difference between sking and heel) She thinks this is the BEST GAME EVUH!!!!)

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Context is forming an angry mob right here.