March 14th, 2007

What The Fork?

On the nature of theatre...

How many thespians does it take to make a final stand?

700: 150 to claim they're doing this "because it's a great indie project that deserves more exposure", 100 to resign during equipment negotiations, 30 to request formation changes because "it doesn't fit with their character", 50 to shave their heads in an attempt to seem sincere in their "military research", 200 to complain about the weather, 75 to go on talk shows and jump up and down on couches, 40 to get into a fight with requisitions about their uniforms, 50 to stage a sitdown protest about war while wearing designer jewellery, and five to actually show up and do what they're being paid to do.

alryssa is the first of 300 meta-metas.
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I hate the dentist. Yes, it fucking hurts when you jab my gums with your angry evil pick. Yes, it hurts when you drag plastic between my teeth, tearing my gums as you go. Yes, I will gag when you jam your fingers down my throat.

I'd so rather go to the gynecologist. At least my vagina doesn't gag.

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whomajigi  has a complaint

But I'd like to file an official complaint against you. When you tried to hop onto the table and brought the tablecloth, the backgammon board and your big body tumbling to the ground....well what the heck was that? Your actions resembled a blind rhino trying to tapdance and tripping.

Context is a clumsy cat.

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james_nicoll talks about how Role Playing Games (RPG) can scar you for life:

Because I see everything in a series of crude analogies to books (which has complicated my dating life no end [1]) I think of albums as anthologies. ...

1: Beats thinking of everything as an RPG. Screaming "critical hit on the orgasm table! Roll on subsidiary table 11:E!" is apparently a mood-killer.

Context thinks a critical hit is better than a critical fumble.

Actually, this would solve a lot.

When discussing military policy, betacandy has a revelation:
I was half-joking when I started that last paragraph, but I swear the longer I'm alive, the more I think men are inherently bi-sexual, and if they would just admit this and get over themselves, the world would be a lot more mellow.
Context believes every episode of M*A*S*H was based on a true story now.