March 13th, 2007

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Well, geeks one and two, to hell with you.

_jer reviews Vista:

First, let me get this out of the way. Vista is pretty. It is DAMNED pretty. Straight out of the box, it is reminiscent of all the beauty that Apple manages to wedge into their boxes (boxen?), but without the stink of patchoulli. That having been said, what is the point of transparency? I mean, I genuinely can't discern a single time when this memory hogging feature would possibly be of use to me. Mostly, it is completely annoying. To me, transparency seems like a bunch of geeks somewhere got together and had a conversation like this:

Geek 1: Hey, you know, there are a LOT of geeks that don't wear glasses anymore.
Geek 2: Are you shitting me? How do we know they're geeks then?
Geek 1: Apparently, you can't tell. They go on dates too!
Geek 2: That's bullshit. Lets fix that.
Geek 1: Umm, how?
Geek 2: We could poke them all in the eye!
Geek 1: That is stupid, what else do you have?
Geek 2: We could invent window transparency, that way, in order to look truly elite and geeky, these guys will make a bunch of windows transparent, then kill their already beleaguered eyesight by trying to read partially transparent windows at 1600 x 1400.

Context is not falling for their evil plan. QWP - open post
agent may is unimpressed

"Oh, but it's sad when a love affair dies"

Speaking of delays... I'm sorry JetBlue, I think we need to take a break. Take some time to figure things out... see other people. It's not you... okay, it's totally you. You're having problems and I just can't stand by and watch you destroy yourself. I'm just.... I'm just not that strong. I have my own life, my own problems to take care of. But I'll miss you. I'll always be thinking of you... you were special to me.

--lampbane, on the ending of a beautiful friendship.
seriously we all want to know // lamezon

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amandathegreat tells us about the more frightening parts of fandom:

For example, there's a whole livejournal community for nonconsensual Willy Wonka/Charlie slash (with occasional furry art). Squicked me out so bad I couldn't even make a joke about fudge packing.

Context no longer doubts Rule 34.

There was RNA everywhere....

the_tay has some sage advice on being sick and getting better...

Besides, my dear. You're a Spartan woman, and you will deal with this virus the same way as everything else... by stabbing it and rupturing its WEAK FLABBY PROTEIN COATING SO THAT ITS RNA SPILLS ALL ABOUT AND IT DIES

Context likes it's violence on the cellular level

QWP on an FLocked Post from my journal.

lediz just finished reading Tristan Tzara, and is not amused.

I am going to build a time machine, go back to the beginning of radical modernism, and murder every single last member of the avant garde. With a spoon. Preferably rusty. And then I shall stand over them and laugh. Maniacally. With spread hands and while staring up at the ceiling. Because that's how it's done.


Context is in need of a rusty spoon. QWP
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Spring is in the air!

jensa_chan takes note of some warning signs that the season of rebirth is upon us.

Flowers are blooming. Leaves are... what the hell do leaves do? Sprout? They're appearing, anyway. Trees are spooging. Nests are being built. We examined dead cardinals for my lab final today.

It's spring!

Context notes that it was actually three sorts of dead birds in a box.
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