March 8th, 2007

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crossfire_ is underwhelmed

How to make a drink that tastes exactly like Yerba Mate:

1. Place two teaspoons of shredded peat moss in a tea ball.
2. Brew in near-boiling water for 2 minutes.

Note: If you don't have peat moss, you can substitute any combination of the following: potting soil, decomposing newspaper, shredded shag carpet.

QWP, but that's the whole post.
bad comment

gecko innards

discordia_eris discussing her cats habits.

WHY would they drag the half-gecko that they want to surprise theirhuman with in the morning into a cupboard, so that their human puts a hand directly on it's trailing gizzards when they open the cupboard toget the kids' lunchboxes out? Because they're CATS.

The rest is here, and it's just as funny

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cuedoubleyoupee of course.

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Play on words

versengtemasse recites the following conversation with his friend:

I'm trying to get close to this girl I met while working, he says, so I agreed to attend a piano recital.

A piano recital? I ask.

Yeah. I ask her what she's practicing for and she says a recital. She's been working on her Liszt, she explains. I say I will attend and ask her when. She says, Saturday at 9:30. AM, she continues. Seeing my partial dismay, she asks, can you make it?

It's not whether I can make it, but whether I will make it. It's early for a weekend.

Will you make it? she asks.

Sure, replies John. Though I may be tired, I certainly won't be Liszt-less. 

Context is here.


woodburner ponders (with jason_stiletto) : The Jesus or the Egg?

Dave, randomly, a moment ago: "Oh, Baba Yaga is related to Jesus."

Me: ...what?

Dave: Well you see, Jesus's brow was wiped down with a cloth, which was then fed to a chicken, and then the chicken laid an egg, and the egg was placed in Jesus's tomb, and then he rose three days later because of the egg, but now whenever he sees an egg he turns into a giant chicken. So that's why we have to hide the eggs whenever Jesus comes around.

Me: ...what? Just, what the hell?

And then I went to write this down so you could all marvel at the insanity, and realized something.

Me: Wait, what does this have to do with Baba Yaga?

Dave: Well, you see, Jesus's brow was wiped down with a cloth, which -

Me: No, no, I heard that part, I -

(Dave continues, heedless)

Me, after he's finished a second run through: BUT WHAT DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH BABA YAGA.

Dave: The chicken legs, duh.

Me: But Jesus did not become a cabin on chicken legs. Jesus became a chicken.

Dave: Well maybe Baba Yaga cut him in half!

Me: ......

And then I realized I'd just said Jesus became a chicken and gave up.

Context may or may not be the easter bunny.
In Soviet Skyplex Firefly Cancels YOU!

Yo home, smell ya later!

Arrived at the BART station this morning to find the station agents trying industriously to convince the angry skunk that was stomping its feet at the base of the escalator that it needed to cut it out and go away. At least one of the station agents had already suffered a critical failure, and was having shrieking conniptions over OH GOD THE SMELL.

There are times when I genuinely love living in a place where the urban wildlife sometimes decides to come down out of the hills and catch a train to the city. And maybe, y'know, squirt a few annoying bipeds on the way.

Godspeed, little skunk. Godspeed.

cadhla enjoys the lovely California wildlife.

Do you think Keith Richards qualifies?

Discussion about blood infections gets Lost on ONTD:

rarefy77: That's not cool. Blood infections are pretty much a death sentence. =( I don't doubt she will pull through, but she's going to be in the hospital a long time.

bellichka: Idk, Sawyer was septic and Jack fed him pills and he got better..... in a matter of days. So really, I don't think you know what you're talking about.

rarefy77: That's because Sawyer is so hot he can never die. He's like a fuckable cockroach.

Context hopes Johnny Depp's little girl gets well soon.
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Internet is a Drunk Librarian - Cat and

aelfscine has some parental angst...

So I'm not my dad yet! Damn, how much of a man's life is spent trying to not be like his dad? Do guys with good fathers do that too, becoming shitheads just to spite Pop? Are there families that flip-flop every generation, a wastrel raising a societal pillar raising a bum, all just so they can say "Fuck you, Dad?"

Context is flocked, QWP, and still not king dad.