March 7th, 2007

Scooter Libby

Why is perjury only a selective crime? Perjury is perjury and people that committ it should GO TO JAIL. The politics of this boggle my mind. I mean, really, the same people on in the late 90s who said that "He only perjured himself about a relationship, so there's no crime there" are the same people who want to string up Scooter. And the same people who wanted to crucify the guy in the 90s are now crying about the injustice of convicting Scooter. VALARIE was a CIA staff puke. She worked behind a DESK, not in the field. No one has been indited for outing her, because she's NOT A FIELD AGENT. If the guy in the 90s got off on perjury charges because what he perjured about wasn't a crime, then Scooter should get off for perjury about something not a crime. But really. I think that someone who commits perjury should go to jail for breaking the law whether they have a common place name like Scooter or even a name as outlandish as Bill. 

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Something fishy

cmpriest provides truely world class care for her newest pet, Howard the Betta:

Really, I just wish I had some way to give Howard a little customer service card to fill out so I'd know what he thinks, needs, and expects.

    Dear Mr. Betta Fish ... on a scale of one to five -- one being poor, and five being excellent -- please rate the service of your attending monkey in the following areas:

    1. Bowl size and decor

    Five stars. The new penthouse is nice and roomy. I dig the real plants, and the gravel is conveniently bite-sized, so I can pick it up and toss it around with my mouth. Two fins up for the hardcore skull ottoman. Rock out with your cock out, that's what I say.

    2. Cuisine provided

    Four stars. Kibble is round and small, and it floats at surface level without sinking down to the gravel where I have a hard time sniffing it out. Extra credit for the fact that it stinks like hell. One star short because I'm pretty sure there was something more expensive the monkey could've bought. Look into it.

    3. Ambient temperature

    Five stars. Nice and warm. It turns out this tropical fish has landed in the domain of a tropical monkey. SCORE.

    4. Entertainment

    Three stars. That cooking show is starting to get old.

    5. Security

    Two and a half stars. I'm concerned about the other occupants of the apartment. The male monkey makes insulting faces at me, and the quadruped is something of a bully.

    6. Handling

    Two stars. One star purely because I'm not dead yet, and a second because I expect to survive the night -- but all others removed for the unnecessary roughness that took place upon my relocation. This afternoon I was assaulted with a big green net and removed to a much smaller locale. The temporary quarters were cramped, the manhandling that got me there was despicable, and the cruel aquatic rodeo that wrangled me into the new bowl would make an angel weep.

Then again, maybe it's just as well he has no opposable thumbs ...

context knows about creature comforts.
cat bum!

TDJ is disenchanted by fairies!

"Have you ever met one of those people who takes pains to mention that they "speak their mind", are "honest in ways people can't handle", or are otherwise a "complete dickweed", daring you to take umbrage at their dickweedyness? That's how I feel when an author tells me a character is fey. I read: this character will be an ass but can't help it. You, dear reader, are just going to have to learn to love my pretentious halfwits."

Context here.

In which jackichijouji responds to a belief from a wandering Christian...

Wait, wait, wait, feminism = lesbianism?

See, I've always wanted to be a lesbian, except that I have that pesky penis problem. I thought that switching teams to the sapphically inclined crew would involve either Ranma 1/2 type superpowers or some serious lifestyle changes/surgeries. Here I find that I only have to support gender equality?

Hot damn! Lesbianism ahoy! I'm going to go watch Ellen right

QWP, Context is waving a rainbow flag.

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